GEJ’s confab report can still be useful

During former President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration, the Nigerian people had a national conference, whereby different people from different walks of life participated.

I can’t recollect how much was expended on the confab, but I know it was huge.

However, now that a new administration is in power, does it mean the reports of the confab would no longer be implemented?

Despite the criticisms surrounding the confab, I still believe it must have a thing or two that will contribute to national development.

I don’t want President Muhammadu Buhari to jettison the report just like that.

He should look at it with a view towards implementing the aspects that are people-friendly.

We shouldn’t just let all the money spent on the contributors for the three months to go to waste just like that. We should realise that in every nonsense, there is a sense, so I believe some portions of the confab can be useful for the country, especially at a time we are experiencing economic problems.

Jimoh Mumin,