‘Every woman that wants to be in shape needs body shapers’

Body shapers, the new grail of Nigerian fashion, seem to be here to stay. Popularised in earlier times with the girdle, by 2010, the full figure shapers had found their way into the Nigerian fashion scene. With the new fad that is gradually taking over the Nigerian fashion scene, sometimes in the effort to achieve instant perfect figures, it is necessary to ensure that various issues are considered before adopting them as part of your wardrobe.

The history of shapewear dates back to early foreign history when the average woman was expected to have a slim figure because of her delicate nature. In Nigeria, the use of shapewear was also popular in the early 90s, especially the girdle.

However, body shapers have evolved in contemporary times and perform various functions. Below are some tips to keep in mind before getting a shapewear:


Know your body shape

It is absolutely important for a woman to, first and foremost, determine her body shape before investing in a shapewear. Many women may not see this as important but only a seller who deals in quality will tell you thus. Body shapes include triangle, round, rectangular, inverted triangle, oval, hour-glass, pear.


Pick the right colour

Body shapers are common in three basic colours – white, black and nude. So, if you’re going to get a shapewear, pick the colour that works best with the majority of the clothes you wear out. Keep in mind that body shapers come in handy for office environments, red carpet events, weddings, among others. If possible, go for all three colours.


Know what you want

Before you pick a particular kind of shapewear, determine the imperfection you want to work on and select the best option. For example, it would be absurd for a person with full breasts, flabby stomach and thin legs to go for a full shapewear. What such a person really needs is either a body wrap, a girdle, or something that works for the stomach.

Doyinsola Ola, Chief Operating Officer at Damidols, an outfit that deals in body shapers, located at 2, Osho Street, off Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos State, in an interview with Makeover, sheds more light on the peculiarities of body shapers.


Types of body shapers

Waist cincher, waist trainer, butt lifters, body suits, anti cellulite shape wear, high waist briefs/slips, full body shape wear, surgical or correction shape wear, vest /camisole shape wear, leg shape wear, among others.



Body shapers offer a range of benefits, some of which include: instant slimmer figure – lose inches instantly; it complements weight loss diet and fitness programmes; helps achieve better appearance; invisible beneath clothes; improves posture and helps train abdominal muscles.


Is the Nigerian market buying into the trend?

Yes, the demand for body shapers is increasing by the day


Factors to consider

Comfort, fit, style, identify your troubled spot, don’t settle for ill-fitting shape wear, consider the features of the shape wear – shape wears are not meant for special occasions, build a body shaper wardrobe – one shape wear won’t go with all your clothes. Also, consider the control levels of the shape wear.


Does every woman need a body shaper?

Every woman that wants to stay in shape needs a shapewear. There is not necessarily any age range, considering the fact that shapewears’ support level varies from light control, moderate control, firm control and extra firm control. It can suit as many age brackets as possible.


On Nigerian men embracing shapewear

I will not consider it a concern. However, it is very true that Nigerian men have also caught the shapewear bug. It is important to note that it is not all shapewears that are for fashion. There are shapewears for post-surgical procedures/corrections. A lot of men buy body shapers for figure concerns, posture and smart looks.