What else can I do?

Dear Yemisi,

On October 31, 1978, I had an automobile accident which resulted in the amputation of my right leg after staying for four years at the National Orthopaedic Hospital, Igbobi, Lagos. On realising this, I made up my mind to acquire education at all costs. With the help of the likes of the late Dr Tai Solarin, Professor Rod Adoh Emi, I graduated as an NCE graduate in Biology/Geography, B.Sc in Zoology and M.Edu in Educational Management. I am presently a civil servant in one of the states in the South West of Nigeria.

I worked hard as a teacher to make ends meet. In May 1994, I got married and we had three children — two girls and a boy. In 2004, my wife just decided to leave, took all I had ever worked for with the full knowledge of her parents. The church waded into the matter but her parents, especially the father, was adamant.

As I could not stay alone, I remarried after 10 years. I got a bank loan and bought a car that I drive. My new wife delivered a baby girl. My ex-wife called me after 12 years to tell me that our son was sick and that he wanted to stay with me. I went for this decoy foolishly.

The boy stayed for just two months. But by the time he was leaving, the damage had been done. He poured raw salt inside my car fuel tank and the engine which eventually damaged the vehicle. He also poisoned my daughter and her mother. Though my wife survived, but my baby later died.

Now, I had no one because my second wife’s family knew about the whole story and advised their daughter to leave me.

Now, I have neither a car, wife nor house, but a rented apartment.

In annoyance, I cursed my son and his mother. But now, I regret my decision. I am indebted to the bank that is now after me. I do not know what else to do.

Before my first wedding, I walked with the aid of an artificial limb that hardly could anybody know that I am an amputee even till date.

Dear Yemisi, I need serious but urgent advice from your readers and you.

Ola, 0*0*******7.

Dear readers, kindly send a piece of your mind to help Ola in deciding what to do with what is left of him. Send your contribution to yemiaofolaju @yahoo.com or 08055001741 with your name and number.