Documentary on child trafficking set for premiere

A documentary film highlighting the ills of child trafficking entitled ‘They Just Want to Go Back Home’ will soon be premiered.

The film which chronicles the plight of some young girls lured to Lagos from Imo State is produced by lawyer and anti-child trafficking activist, Rotimi Vaughn.

Speaking in an interview, Vaughn, a direct descendant of Scipio Vaughn, an-ex slave who became a prominent and respected family man in Camden, South Carolina, United States, described child trafficking as modern slavery and that he has data on the practice in Nigeria and West Africa.

He disclosed that he hopes to establish relations between Badagry and Camden in South Carolina for strategic promotions, exchanges and establishment of mutually beneficial ties through a project known as The Bond Atlantic Initiative.

“I have always looked forward to being in a position to transform my intriguing family historical account into a platform for promoting impactful socio-cultural relations and development,” Vaughn explained.

He added that, “under the proposed Atlantic Bond Initiative, windows of opportunity now appear wide open for the establishment of mutually beneficial relations and ties between Lagos State and the government, people and the State of South Carolina. They will enjoy remarkable investment and development opportunities in the areas of tourism, arts and culture, trade and commerce, agriculture, youth and social development, academic institutions’ alliances and advancing humanity while combating modern slavery.”