Commitment (2)

Last time we began looking at commitment. We live in critical times where life is tougher and rougher than ever before. We live in a time when operating on the gear of business-as- usual doesn’t just work. Life does not just happen but the irony of it all is that people are not ready to pay the price of commitment to stay afloat and make an impact with their lives. We live in a time where commitment is at low ebb. Far too many people are just not interested in going the extra mile to do anything and this has led to mediocrity, shoddiness and general inefficiency. People tend to abandon ship midstream because of the slightest obstacle or inconvenience. The motto today seems to be “just do barely enough and if you can do less, why not”.

In life there can be no lasting success without commitment. Commitment is going all the way to get something done. Commitment is doing what ought to be done the way it ought to be done at the time it ought to be done no matter how we feel or how we are treated. No commitment, no success.

Commitment starts with a decision. There must be a firm resolve to be committed. If we do not make the choice to be committed to and in whatever we do we will not be committed. Being committed does not come naturally to anybody as we as human beings by nature will rather coast along the easy route than take the tedious route of climbing uphill. Far too many times we are often too attached to the status quo. The decision to be committed is usually a tough one but if we are to make our lives count we have no choice. Decisions tend to involve the prospect of change, which many people find difficult. We prefer to stay in our comfort zone and anything that tends to rock our boat and take us out of our comfort zone becomes difficult. The decision to be committed is a decision to leave our comfort zone to stick to whatever that needs to be done no matter what comes along the way.

The decision to be committed will cost us our comfort zone.

Commitment demands sacrifice an, many times, pain. Commitment is more than just doing something or being interested in something. Commitment is defining the goal and going all the way to get the goal achieved legitimately. A life of commitment is not a stroll in the park. It is a life that goes the extramile.

“Too many people stroll passively through life, intrigued by a whole slew of possibilities but not committed to making any of them a reality.

What’s the difference between interest and commitment?

Interest reads a blog post; commitment applies that post day after day.

Interest works an hour a day on your business; commitment works whenever time permits. Interest procrastinates; commitment focuses on what’s important.

Interest makes excuses; commitment constantly acquires new skills and solutions.

If you’re struggling with this issue, ask yourself the same questions I asked myself: Why are you holding back? What is stopping you from living the life you’ve imagined for yourself?” Logan Marshall


To be continued

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