The evergreen years: Down memory lane

T HE evergreen years in Nigeria’s socio-political life are all about music. I write today of the beautiful years of highlife music in West Africa. I can never forget the era in my life. I […]

PDP: Before the blackout

TODAY, Political Panorama will talk about the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP). Since the Nigerian Tribune approved the publication of Political Panorama near 20 years ago, there have been few occasions when the Column has been […]

The exit of Awo’s driver, two others

I wish to humbly pay tributes to three Nigerians (all Awolowo’s men) who died within the last two months. They are the driver of Papa Obafemi Awolowo, “Egbon” Simeon Taiwo Adewodu, Funlola Olorunninsola (Press Secretary […]

Gender and the politics of turmoil

FOR her, it was not only Obafemi who was experiencing the succession of humiliation and harassment. They were experiencing it together. They were indissoluble; thus, whatever happened to one, happened to the other. But she […]

Birthday memoirs­ (II)

My birthday memoirs cannot be complete without a detailed mention of my political life particularly as it relates to my comrades of some Universities in Nigeria. Though I am 74 now and gracefully ageing, I […]

Birthday memoirs­ (1)

ABOUT four years ago, I turned 70. I marked the event with a social party in my hometown, Ilesa. It was a well-attended party: relations, friends and well-wishers were all there to give me a […]

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