Careless actress almost caused commotion

If not for Providence, this popular actress would by now be homeless as her action almost caused an entire building to be totally razed.

The actress, whose first name sounds the same as Obama’s National Security Adviser and whose surname is the same as that of one of Jesus disciples, caused confusion when her generator went up in flames and the fire extended to her car before God intervened.

Olofofo told Nosey Parker that problem started when the actress asked her gateman to refuel a generator that was working. As the gateman was refueling, there was an explosion and the fire that resulted caught the nearby vehicle which also went up in flames.

It was also gathered that the quick intervention of neighbours saved what could have become a major disaster as many of them brought their fire extinguishers to put out the fire as Olofofo said the fire was already getting close to the main building before the neighbours came.

Well, the panicky actress had no choice but to thank God for saving her from embarrassment due to her carelessness because she said she was not sure how she would take it if the fire had engulfed the building which is a rented apartment.