What can I do to have good erection?

Dear Yemisi,

I am a 69-year-old man.

Presently, I do not enjoy my sex life by not having strong erection. I like and enjoy having sex much.

What can I do to have good erection? My wife seems not happy with me.

Kindly recommend supplement for my use.


Dear Sir,

You cannot expect your sex life to remain the same at your age. There is no magic about it, you are not getting younger. You cannot compare how active you were even at 60 to your inaction at almost 70.

Is the woman you are referring to as your wife your legally married wife? I am only asking you this because I think she should bear with you as you had in the past satisfied her sexual needs since you have been married.

Now that the law of diminishing return has set in, she should please, bear with you.

As you too desire to be what you were once as a younger man, I think you must see a sex therapist for diagnosis and possible treatment.

I am not equipped to recommend any supplement for you.