Bulk records set up strictly for aspiring artistes

Adekunle Kayode is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Bulk Records. A native of Abeokuta, Ogun State, now a United States-based businessman recently returned to Nigeria to give back to his community through entertainment. In an interview with OLAWALE OLANIYAN, he revealed his plans for Nigerian artistes, among other issues. Excerpts:


What does Bulk Records stand for?

I plan on using my platform as a record label owner to help discover new talents and support them to get their music out to the world.


What are your plans and what motivates you to do this business?

In Bulk Records, we want artistes that are talented, individuals that possess a unique quality and are very hardworking. It all started in January this year and it is my  love for music  that motivates me to go into the business.


What kind of artistes are you looking at and what do you stand to benefit?

It would make me happy to help upcoming artistes achieve their goals of becoming known and getting their music out there. For the business part of it, every business has to make profit so I look forward to making money eventually from every artiste that we invest in.


Where do you see Bulk Records in the next two years?

I see us becoming a house hold name and our artistes doing very good in the music industry both in Nigeria and all over the world.


What is your relationship with Olamide because you are to feature him in a concert very soon?

Jiron, one of our artistes worked with Olamide on one of his songs and since then, Olamide became a friend of Bulk Records.


What is your advice for upcoming artistes and made ones alike?

Staying humble, hard work, perseverance, persistence and loyalty would take anyone far in life regardless of who you are.


Why the name Bulk Records?

We chose Bulk because we felt it represents positively and increase for example, bulk talent, bulk money and so on. Just positivity and increase!