Attention, IGP Ibrahim Idris

I was shocked that the new Inspector General of Police, Mr Idris Ibrahim, could accuse his predecessor, Mr Solomon Arase, of making away with 24 cars belonging to the police. After reading Mr Arase’s response in the media last week, I think Mr Ibrahim should take it easy, whatever the differences he might have with his former boss.

In reaction to the new police boss’ claim, Mr Arase said Mr Ibrahim had his telephone number and could have contacted him if he was not sure of anything. Going to the media to bring up this issue is not in the spirit of police brotherliness.

Mr Ibrahim may feel he is in power now, but a popular saying sums it all up: “Soldier go; soldier come, barrack remain.” Nobody will remain in public position for life, and he should seize the opportunity to see his ascension as a favour from God.

There were many other officers who tried their best in the past to ascend to the top job, but God didn’t allow it, so it will be best if Mr Ibrahim takes it easy. Whatever might have happened in the past only aided his promotion to the top job he is holding now.

  • Salihu Yakubu,

Kaduna State.