Ambode’s lost battle

THE administration of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode in Lagos State seems to have lost the war against street trading, despite the numerous threats against street traders.

Investigations by Eko Akete revealed that street traders are now brazen in their manner of approach as they couldn’t care less about law enforcement agents.

Eko Akete observed that street traders have doubled in number on major roads like Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Awolowo Way and even on the Third Mainland Bridge, where they take advantage of the traffic jams that seem to be increasing on a daily basis.

Speaking with Eko Akete, a street trader who identified himself as John pointed out that without selling bottled water and drinks, his wife and children would starve.

“I have bills to pay and the menial job I do as a night security is not enough to sustain me,” he said, adding that he was not afraid of security agents because he had developed a close rapport with some of them.

“Some of these KAI people know that the economy is hard so they just let us be sometimes. They even warn us when their top ogas are coming,” he said.

John may be telling the truth considering the number of KAI officials that have been caught in the act; helping street traders to make nonsense of government’s threat and the threat the hawkers pose to the image of the mega city in the head of those building it. Without doubt, those acts haven’t been one of benevolence. Has the early return of these defiants made nonsense of all of Egbeyemi’s tough talking?