AAUA’s Drug Devt. Centre nears cure for Lassa fever, diabetes

ADEKUNLE Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, could be on the path of claiming a spot on the global research map as scientists in the Institution appear to be on the verge of some outstanding results.

According to the Coordinator of the University’s Bio-Computing and Drug Development Centre, DrPosiOmotuyi, researchers from the Institution have perfected drugs sourced from locally-available plants which have properties that could potentially cure the dreaded Lassa fever and diabetes; diseases that have become prevalent among Africans, especially Nigerians in recent times.

DrOmotuyi, who said the researches have been promising thus far, disclosed further that the Centre has commenced moves to send the research work to reputable virologists who could test the drugs in diseases condition in globally-accredited laboratories.

He was confident that the drugs would scale through whatever rigorous condition and tests they are exposed to.

“Our research is very indigenous. We research into issues that affect the nation and its people, while our approach is global as we use the best practices all over the world. Our research is clearly our own, it belongs to us.

“We have come up with drugs that are awaiting testing in diseases condition by leading virologists in the world. We have developed one that we believe can cure Lassa fever that has become a perennial scourge in Nigeria.

“I have reached out to a Professor in Japan. He is one of the foremost Virologists in the world, so that he can link us up with people who have facilities for laboratory and real cases testing of what we have discovered here.

“Our Unit is working on something which we are confident can cure Lassa fever; but until you test it, you cannot make categorical statement. Right now, our results have been very promising. That is why I said we are already moving towards the point of talking to foremost virologists who can really test it in diseases condition in laboratories and see how it performs. We have reached out to them and the response has been very positive so far,” he said.