You can only become king in Nollywood movies, Deji of Akure tells new Isikan king

• Says selection exercise in futility

The Deji of Akure land, Oba Aladetoyinbo Aladelusi, on Tuesday, described the appointment of a parallel head for Isinkan community in Akure South Local Government Area of Ondo State by the community kingmakers as an exercise in futility.

The traditional ruler who stated this in a statement signed by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr Michael Adeyeye, maintained that Iralepo of Isikan was never a traditional ruler but a quarter chief and member of Deji-in-Council, describing the Isikan kingmakers as jesters.

Oba Aladelusi, however, called on the Iralepo-elect, Prince Gbenga Ojo, to come out of his hiding place rather than claim to be in seclusion, just as the traditional ruler affirmed, Chief Henry Adeyeye as the head of Iralepo quarters.

The traditional ruler said in the statement said: “We urge Mr Gbenga Ojo to come out of his hiding rather than claiming to be in seclusion and continue his normal business activities rather than claiming to be in seclusion which can only exist within the figment of his imagination as an Iralepo in the person of High Chief Adeyeye Gbenga Henry has been duly installed.

“As a young promising Isikan and Akure man, he should realize that there is always a better assured days ahead and should avoid being pushed into being on the wrong side of the law as the law is no respecter of person(s).

“There is no doubt that the action(s) of the purported kingmakers and Omowas can only have its place in the Nollywood movies and not in a sane society governed by law.”

The traditional ruler explained that “it is on record that the Iralepo and Osolo were Quarter Chiefs in Akure who chose to approach the High Court of Ondo State to declare them as recognized Chiefs. The State Government acting on the judgment of the lower court immediately issued a letter of recognition to the duo.

“The trial judge erred in law decided to appeal the judgment. The Appeal Court in its judgment CA/B/129/2005 dismissed the verdict of Ondo State High Court in the consolidated suit AK/371/96 and AK/372/96 which was jointly instituted by the Iralepo of Isikan and Osolo of Isolo, Akure and reversed their recognition thereby reverting to their original status of a Quarter Chiefs.

“The duo was apparently dissatisfied with the judgment decided to approach the apex court of the land in the suit SC. 276/2012. The Supreme Court in its wisdom dismissed their appeal of Iralepo of Isikan and Osolo of Isolo, Akure considering it as lacking in merit.

“The Supreme Court judgment actually laid to rest the tortuous legal battle thereby making the appointment of the Iralepo of Isikan and Osolo of Isolo, Akure a prerogative of the Deji of Akure Kingdom and affirming the position of the Appeal Court. It is important to reemphasize that the Deji of Akure in exercising his powers appointed the current Osolo of Isolo, High Chief Edward Adejoyegbe Adewole thereby nullifying the earlier selection of one Mr. Amos Idowu purportedly nominated by pseudo kingmakers of Isolo.

“It is of interest to know that High Chief Edward Adewole had since remained the Osolo of Isolo without any bickering or grudges and duly recognized by the Deji, Akure Council of Chiefs and the Akure South Local Government. What could now be different in the appointment of Iralepo of Isikan who is bounded by the same Supreme Court judgment alongside the Osolo of Isolo.”

The traditional ruler also said “the fact that the Ministry of Local Government was misled by the desperate purported ‘Omowa of Isikan’ into erring on the part of the law does not legalize the illegal selection allegedly carried out. There is no gainsaying that such selection does not have a place in law and it is, therefore, ultra vires null and void and of no effect.

“We wondered why some commentators could choose to openly exhibit their extreme ignorance of the law despite claiming to be learned when it relies on page 35 of the Appeal Court judgment by taking it in isolation. It is unthinkable that the commentator will fail to read the position of the Judges on Page 39 of the said Judgment which affirmed that Isolo and Isikan Chieftaincy cannot be granted the status of an Oba without the sanction of the Deji of Akure.”

The Akure traditional ruler queried the local government authorities that conducted the selection process if “Akure South Local Government ever accorded the Iralepo of Isikan the right of a recognized Chief after the Appeal Court judgment or did the Iralepo of Isikan ever attend any council of Obas meeting either at the local government or state level after the Appeal Court judgment?

“Is Iralepo of Isikan a member of the Ondo State Council of Obas, or has the Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy ever recognized Iralepo of Isikan as a recognized chief after the Appeal Court?

He also called on the kingmakers to stop twisting facts and creating apprehension where there is none and said “it is important to say without any iota of contradictions that the Deji is not at loggerheads with anyone in the selection of an Iralepo.

“The Deji wishes to reaffirm his commitment that we will never be at daggers drawn with each other or allow any form of suspicion that could keep us distant from each other. As the custodian of traditions, the Deji will continue to unite every Quarters and towns in Akure speaking communities while addressing issues that may crop up along the line.”


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