Yoruba groups demand de-politicisation of Amotekun

• Want independent unit outside purview of South West govs

Seeking ways to address various security challenges in the South West geopolitical zone, Yoruba groups under the platform of Majeobaje Movement have expressed displeasure at the running of Amotekun and demanded the de-politicisation of the outfit.

The various groups gathered for a Majeobaje Movement roundtable, in Ibadan, on Sunday, requested that operations of Amotekun be taken from the purview of governors and that the outfit should be run independently.

Representatives of the Oodua Peoples Congress, Agbekoya, Yoruba Lagba Culture Initiative, Hunters Associations, Vigilante Group of Nigeria among other Yoruba groups decried that Amotekun, as being composed, was straying away from the original intentions of the outfit.

Various speakers decried that the leaders of Amotekun were not responsive enough in policing Yoruba land, adding that there was now the need for fearless soldiers to defend Yoruba land.

The need for the use of technology like drones as well as the need to equip hunters, vigilante and other defenders of Yoruba land with sophisticated weapons was also stressed.

Wrapping up the various submissions, Convener, Majeobaje, Akintayo Akindeko noted that the Igangan mayhem pointed to the need for the Yoruba race to evolve a more effective self-defence mechanism.

For the task ahead, Akindeko stated that the various groups of hunters and fighters were continuously getting united to combat any attack on people of Yoruba land.

Akindeko said, “I grew up in politics and we can see the politics in the whole management of Amotekun. This is why we are insisting as Majeobaje, begging our elders to leave operations of Amotekun outside the purview of the governors. The governors have their own political leaders and agenda. Yoruba land needs a de-politicised Amotekun so we are not happy the way it is being run now and we are going to keep pressure on the governors and our elders to make sure Amotekun works as an independent unit.

“This new assault allegedly by Fulani herdsmen is just a catalyst. For the last three years, Majeobaje has been working to bring these groups together so that even if it’s politics, they shouldn’t be fighting for no reason.

“Now we have reason to need our strong boys to be united and working together. The boys, men themselves are uniting and we thank God for that.

“What happened in Igangan was obviously the death of Innocent people in Yoruba land. We intend to make sure we have a self-defence measure to find out who did it not for revenge purpose, but get justice and to bring relief to the children of the victims and to help in repairs and rehabilitation of the community.

“We are building with our elders and we are bringing in these young, dynamic hunters and fighters together to unite their command structure so that they can talk with one voice and they can act in unison to help each other whenever we are attacked. It is a self-defence measure but it is simply to unite the structure like we wanted it to be for Amotekun that we can always fight as a group.”


We Have Not Had Water Supply In Months ― Abeokuta Residents

In spite of the huge investment in the water sector by the government and international organisations, water scarcity has grown to become a perennial nightmare for residents of Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital.  Yoruba groups demand de-politicisation of Amotekun  ;  Yoruba groups demand de-politicisation of Amotekun  ;  Yoruba groups demand de-politicisation of Amotekun  ;  Yoruba groups demand de-politicisation of Amotekun.

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