Would you marry someone of a different religion?

Marriage dynamics are of two types: exogamy and endogamy. Exogamy as a form of marriage gives room for marriage outside one’s social group. This practice supports inclusion and unity among individuals of different tribes, races and cultures.

On the other hand, endogamy frowns at exogamy due to contradicting ideas, belief and values. They believe in marrying within a specific social group, caste and ethnic group. For some reasons, many engage in these practices without knowing about all these. Hence, the question: Would you marry a spouse of a different religion?


On WhatsApp Conversation, these are what those who joined the conversation and our experts said on the issue.


Micheal Joseph

In some cases, it works. In some, it does not. It depends on individual’s discipline. For me, it is a No.


Luke Ishola

This works because of the love shared. But, it would not work for some people—like an Alfa who marries from another religion and has to show his wife in some outings, whereas his wife is a key leader in the other religion. So, it would not work that way. I cannot, because she would not complement me, and my actions and activities.

Okesiri Igho-Iggue

Marrying from the same denomination is an issue. Marrying from another denomination is another problem. Then, going as far as another religion, is a big no-go area. One of the religions would lose its ground for the other to flourish and it might result in arguments and quarrels. It might even confuse the children.


Lanre Oseni

Marrying someone from different religion? If my partner agrees to affiliate with my faith despite hers, I would support her and we would unite as husband and wife. I would open my religion to her and she would learn. Similarly, she should open her religion to me too.


Godspower Olorunsanu

It depends on the perception.  For me, I can because there is nothing wrong in that. Love does not have religion


Ogungboye Pearl

I cannot since we do not belong to the same family. I could remember Abraham telling his servant to marry a wife for his son among his kindred.  It would be difficult because we do not share the same blood group (blood of Christ). It is very dangerous to take such risk. The price is costly.


Taiwo Ahmed

The Bible says it is dangerous. It would be a wise thing to bring up a child in one’s religion in order to stabilise them. This would help one to focus in life, and everything that requires lessons in life.

Abanikanda Lekan

Yes, I can, if she also sees nothing bad in it. It depends on our perspectives, as far as we are doing the right thing which our religions teach. Also, if we are the types that do not condemn the other religions, we are good to go. I do not have problems with my children going to church or to mosque.


Jamiu Adekola

I cannot, religion is one of the most important aspects of our life. When you are getting married, you are doing so because the two of you have decided to be one and not differ in any ways.

Marrying someone from a different religion would create a distance in some of the couple’s way of life.

The children would have to decide which religion they want to follow, thereby creating a caucus in the house. No matter how much love you share among your children, you would always love the ones that practice your religion more and want the best for him/her.  There are families that survived it. But, it is rare.

The result of this is always not too good, unless one of them converts to the other’s religion.



Mrs Akintunde Ifejola, a marriage counsellor, is our expert on this topic. Marrying a spouse with different religion would be difficult and their religion would differ in mode of belief and worship.

If marriage by God’s original plan says ‘two shall become one’: How could they be one in their worship of God? Christians believe God has a son named Jesus. Muslims say God has no son. How can a couple from these two religious backgrounds come together as one? Marriage from these two would confuse the children, and such children cannot be trained in the way they should go as Proverbs has advised.

Two roads would open. This is great confusion for the children. How can they pray together to God in one voice? Yet, the two are speaking two different languages in the name of God. Even finance, in these religions, differs. Be careful, watchful and obedient to God. The other religion believes in polygamy while the other believes in monogamy. How would the spouses cope in such situation?


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