Worsening state of roads

In Nigeria, it is clearly known that a larger movement of goods and humans is done by road. The bad roads in the country are not conducive for the citizens. Across various parts of the country, the roads are considered important for businesses but they are in poor conditions. These all-important roads include; Enugu road, Onitsha road, Delta-Asaba road, Oyo-ogbomoso-Ilorin road, Port-Harcourt road, Benin, Auchi-Okene road. These roads have become the cause of many fatal accidents.

Yet, rather than the Federal Government to come up with serious actions to solve this problem for the benefit of the people, it pays more attention to things that are unnecessary to the country. Most importers, as a result of the bad roads, resort to bringing goods to Nigeria through neighbouring countries. Motorists have become more vulnerable to robberies and kidnappings due to the terrible state of the roads. Kidnappers and armed robbers lay siege to travellers.

Recently, the Federal Government issued a warning to state governments, which sometimes offer to undertake repair of the roads on behalf of the central government. The Federal Government and the state government have to work together to ensure that the quality of roads are delivered at reasonable cost.

However, many things can cause road damage such as movement of heavy equipment and machineries and poor maintenance of the roads. Reconstruction of failed roads in Nigeria often proves to be ineffective, such roads often start to fail after a few days or months.

Eliminating the problem includes paying attention to the bad state of the roads in the country. Proper construction of roads must be ensured. Roads that are properly maintained can withstand bad weather occurrences.

Also, implementation of road safety laws can reduce the number of damaged roads. Adequate funding with good management will go a long in making our roads safer.


Aborishade Ofunami,

Ogun state.

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