Why Author Todd Cahill believes in mind over matter

Todd Cahill believes unconditionally in the power of the mental to condition the physical. His present work is based on helping people get to place of balance in relation to how their physical lives are controlled by the mental.

 “We recently launched the InsideOUT Institute with the expressed purpose of teaching and equipping others to discover who they are, release their emotional baggage with our energy healing practitioners and leadership coaches, create massive breakthroughs in their life, and step into their full power. No one is doing this in this capacity and on a global scale like us,” he says.

 But even Todd has had to work to get to this position. His life has been about overcoming a number of setbacks and blows to get to a position of comfort. “I have been homeless, I have been arrested, I have been broke, I have gone through a divorce, I have gone through 2 IRS audits, I have been verbally and sexually abused, I have lost many so-called friends, I have had money stolen from me, I have attempted suicide twice, I had to start my business without any support and no home, and I have been rejected thousands of times,” he says.

 Nevertheless, Todd’s philosophy has never been to accept excuses or allow himself wallow in self-depreciation. “What makes me stand out within my industry is that I never have excuses,” he says. “I am a man of action. I had nothing when I started but I learned how to become really resourceful and ask for help. I am a good leader and communicator but I am always hungry to learn, to keep growing and to improve. I have a growth mindset and discipline myself every day to live in the moment and do what I know I am called to do.”

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 Together with his best friend, Emanuel Zevallos, Todd is set to build InsideOUT to be one of the world’s foremost human development companies. “We are helping coach people all over the world now both on the subconscious and conscious mind,” he says enthusiastically.


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