Ondo 2020: Akeredolu must not sleep; there is fire on the mountain —Primate Ayodele

In this interview by KEHINDE OYETIMI, founder of Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church, Lagos, Primate Ayodele speaks on both global and local issues.

YOU just published two books: A Compendium of Ten Thousand and More Fulfilled Prophecies (1994-2020) and  Warnings to the Nations: Collection of Divine Signals, 2020/2021 Edition. How does this feel? 

The publication of a compendium which brings together over 10,000 fulfilled prophecies since 1994 is a landmark achievement. This is because this has never been done in the world. I must also celebrate some reputable seers,  prophets. I remember the late Professor [Gabriel] Okonzua. I also celebrate Primate Oluwaseun Theophilus Olabayo of  Evangelical Church of Yahweh. He, it was who started compilations of prophecies. Primate Olabayo must be respected by all.

As a prophet, I have over 200,000 fulfilled prophecies since 1994. This is to the glory of God. To have the courage to put together over 10,000 fulfilled prophecies is a big deal. I thank God for the wisdom and the enablement. You can manipulate miracles but not with prophecies. If you go with permutation, it will later fail. I want to thank all the media houses. I  am very grateful. There are prophets in Nigeria and they are speaking the mind of God.

At the moment, the forthcoming Edo and Ondo gubernatorial elections are making many worried. What should be expected? 

In Edo State, before Oshiomhole was removed as APC national chairman, I had said it that he would not finish his term and it happened. I also said a long time ago that Oshiomhole and Obaseki will fight and today it has happened. Without manipulation of the forthcoming election in Edo State, Obaseki will win. He should therefore work on the area of security during the election. If he allows them to use security as manipulation, that is the end for him. If he folds his arms and relies on ‘God says I will win’, it is a lie. Oshiomhole is ready to give his life on the Edo election.

Whatever it takes, Oshiomhole is ready to do it. Besides, should Oshiomhole succeed in making Ize-Iyamu governor,  Ize-Iyamu will see to the end of the political career of Oshiomhole. I am not a politician. This is what God has said. Let us pray for peace in the forthcoming election in Edo. If the election is free and fair, give it to Obaseki. He must guard against invalid votes.

He must also work on the women voting population. If he does that, he will win.

In Ondo, Akeredolu must not sleep.  There is fire on the mountain. He should work; some of the people who surround him will stab him at the back. If care is not taken, those who claim to support him will support one of the candidates against him. He needs loyal people so that they will not upturn his victory.

He must re-strategise. Some APC members are still angry with him. If he can work on his campaign and be serious, he will return for another term.

Hope Uzodinma is still going back to the Supreme Court. If he does not perfect his case,  then we should be ready to say goodbye to him in Imo State.

In Anambra State, 10 million APC members cannot be governor there except the election is rigged. The election is between APGA and PDP. [Willie] Obiano should not leave APGA.  He should produce a sellable candidate. It will be a  tough election Anambra State.

The election in Ghana is very simple. Nana Akufo-Addo is not there to play. He is there for victory. John Mahama who wants a return to power must be very serious. He cannot lean on his past glory. He should also work on the Upper Volta region of Ghana and women voters.

There will be problems in the Benin Republic. It is not yet over with coups in Africa. There will be a crisis in Cameroon. Let us pray that we will not witness the death of a president. Paul Biya of Cameroon will fall sick. There will be a crisis between the Anglophone and Francophone sub-nationals in Cameroon. There will be attacks in Burkina Fasso, Togo, Chad and Nigeria.

On the foreign scene, particularly in the United States of America, many across the globe are waiting anxiously to see what will happen during the presidential election. What does this portend?

In the United States of America, should an election be held today Donald Trump will not win? But if Joe Biden wants to defeat Donald Trump, he must win the following five states: Wisconsin, Washington, Philadelphia, California and  Colorado. If he doesn’t work on these five states, Trump will come back. Biden must work on Black votes. There will be more killings, protests and counter-protests in America. If Trump is not careful, he will be attacked. He should overhaul his security.

Trump will make a lot of blunders.  I must also mention that the crisis between the US and China will worsen.

The 2023  presidency is already causing some ripples in the country with some insisting that the presidency should go to the Igbo   The Igbo will be rubbished in 2023. The only man who could have fought for the Igbo people is Orji Uzor- Kalu. But the Igbo people will gang up against him. He has the stamina; that is if they will give it to the Igbo.  Not Peter Obi. Ike Ekweremadu must not vie for the office of vice president. He should go for something else. The Igbo people are their problem. Except they are ready to turn things around, the Igbo man will not be president.

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is not ready to win government at the centre. If they want this, they must adjust something on their logo. There is a curse on PDP from getting to the centre. They have the opportunity but if they should not work, they will be disappointed again. Atiku running for the presidency on the platform of the PDP in 2023 will ail the party.

He may even make PDP fizzle out completely. [Uche] Secondus will be removed as chairman of the party. The by-election in Plateau will be won by APC and also in Lagos. But the PDP will win in Bayelsa.

If we are not careful, 2023 may be the last election that we will hold as a nation and then Nigeria will collapse. They should not overlook all these Biafra boys. A referendum is coming. Some countries will break up in the world, even the  UK, America, Europe. It is not today but in the nearest future. I see three states coming out of Lagos State. Ijebu State is coming when we have a new Nigeria. Nigeria will break into five countries. Two will be very prominent. The world leaders know about this.

Nigeria is bedevilled by both sad natural occurrences and insecurity. Any hope in sight?  

We must pray against fire outbreaks, refinery explosions, tanker explosion, gas explosion.  attacks on palaces,  governors’ convoys, Boko Haram attacks. Let us pray and fast between January 1 and 15. We must pray against political assassination. This government will be totally confused. Buhari’s needs a lot of prayers to be guided. Another powerful terrorist organization is in Nigeria. They are building up. Buhari’s failure to sack the service chiefs will consume Nigeria’s security architecture. Nigeria’s security is under threat.

He should sack the service chiefs. There is a  lot of corruption in the military. Some military personnel will resign.  Nigeria’s police have been politicised. This will not make the police to be active. There will be a new Deputy Inspector  General of police on operations. He must be very vibrant. Our security architecture is nowhere to be found. Let’s pray against jailbreak.

The Villa still needs cleansing. There is imminent death roaming in the Villa. Buhari will be bereaved. I started this before the death of Abba Kyari. I said it before Ismaila Funtua’s death. I even wrote to Funtua, he didn’t reply; he didn’t believe.  The office of the Attorney General will be indicted. The international community will rise against Nigeria’s government.  Amotekun is a threat to the Federal Government. The Federal Government wants to do away with Amotekun. The  South West governors must stand firm. Amotekun has a very big symbolic future. If the governors are not careful,  Amotekun may become weakened because of money. There is a lot that the South-West governors must do on Amotekun for it to stand.

COVID-19 will go but not this year.

The symptoms have come to stay. The nation’s economy is worsening, what do you see concerning this?

Our economy is in a shambles. Nigeria will again run into recession. Some banks will collapse. Some states won’t be able to pay this minimum wage. They will find it very difficult. Many states will borrow money. Nigeria is sitting on a time bomb. Our economy is shaking. Nigeria needs prayers. I see penury, hunger, famine. If the government does not invest in agriculture, Nigeria’s oil will dry up in 25 years time. It will not be sellable to the world.

Saudi Arabia will be attacked.  Saudi oil facilities will be attacked. Our refineries will also be attacked; there will be a scarcity of petroleum as there will be an increase in petroleum prices. Our refineries will break down. There will also be leakages of sensitive documents from the presidency and the NNPC. This will become problematic for the government to handle. Our foreign reserve will be nothing to write home about. CBN will change some banking rules. Corruption will mar Buhari’s government.

There are conjectures of a Bola Ahmed Tinubu presidency in 2023, should we look forward to this? 
Tinubu’s plan to be president is good. He has what it takes. But he should go and take care of his health. He should take care of his health. It is only God that can keep Tinubu before and beyond 2023. I love him; I want to support him in prayers. He would make a very good president. But his health may not allow it.



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