What hope has the common man?

Without doubt, since the Corona virus outbreak in China and subsequent spread to other parts of the world, the world has witnessed confusion and instability without knowing which way to go.

China, Trump’s US, UK, Hassan Rouhani’s Iran, Putin’s Russia, Sisi’s Egypt, Korea and whole lot of other self-acclaimed world powers have their names topping the list of cases recorded in the world. Though, while some are already getting free from the shackles of the virus, the geometric progression at some other places is alarming.


The continuous spread of the virus to African countries is the latest as top African countries such as South Africa, Ghana, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Senegal, Cameroon, Burkina Faso and of course the Giant of Africa and economic capital of the continent, Nigeria.

When countries regarded as world powers and advanced are kept on their toes running and working for hours without rest and Italy has lost hope completely thereby relying on help from heaven, the big question that goes through one’s mind is ‘What is the hope of the common man?’

What hope the underdeveloped nations that rely largely on their colonial masters for survival have?  A Yoruba proverb says, “bi Ina ba jo ni, to jo omo eni, tara eni lan koko pa” (if one is caught in fire and same as one’s child, you quench the one on you before thinking of the child).

How would a household be safe when the father is in trouble? Obviously, the chances are slim when the child still independently depends on him.

If these nations despote their advanced medical and health facilities could be devastated by this scourge to the extent that lives are lost, it could be deduced that the ordinary man walking on the streets with little access to quality healthcare, security, and basic things of life has no hope.

If the world powers could be on their knees calling for help, who would the common man beckon and put his hope on?


Shotonwa Waheed,


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