What food will improve my s*x life?

organ s*x sexDear Yemisi,

Kindly recommend any book that contains information on the food I need to improve my s*xual ability.

I release within five minutes of s*x and my partner and I are not happy about the situation. We are both ministers of God. It goes to say that we must be careful while handling the situation.



Dear Noa,

As much as I share in your concern in your inability to satisfy your partner in bed for not more than five minutes, I am of the view that having intercourse for more than five minutes requires going the extra mile by taking s*x enhancing drugs that I am not qualified to prescribe for you.

I want to believe that you are not just coming in contact with this column because I have on several occasions tried to address the concerns of men who have called themselves one-minute men!

Your claim as a couple being ministers of God does not suggest that you should die in silence, please. What does the Bible say about s*x? You are first human and you cannot divorce your human nature from your being. Hence, as a layman in the church enjoys his s*x life so also should you with your wife. Do all you can to get out of this situation.

Having prolonged s*xual intercourse is predicated on a number of factors of which you and no one else is privy to, so you can work it out by yourself. I am only suggesting that you take time to find out what actually make you and your partner a five-minute bedmate. You should also take time to find out from your wife how she feels after the act. If the situation persists after you have discovered and corrected those things that are likely to have affected you, you can consult an s*x therapist for further counselling.

Information technology has made every issue of life very accessible. You can go online to source for further information as you find time to even search for my previous publications on this subject matter.

The only solution that I am free to offer is that you should eat healthy foods preferably plant foods, vegetables and fruits in their natural form. Engage in physical exercises like walking and drink more water.

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