We are ready for Ondo guber election —PDP spokesperson

Mr Zadock Akintoye is the Publicity Director of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ondo State. He speaks with HAKEEM GBADAMOSI on the party’s level of preparedness for the state governorship election, the party’s aspirants and plans of the party to win back the state.

How is your party preparing for the next governorship election and how do you plan to prune the large number of your aspirants? 

On the level of preparedness for the next election, we would like to inform the general public that all mechanisms are in place to ensure the emergence of a candidate for the party based on the democratic principles of free, fair, transparent process for nomination to contest. We would not be expected to share our strategies  in public at the moment, but we do assure Ondo State residents that we are well prepared and ready to restore a people friendly government in Alagbaka come October 2020 .

On the number of our aspirants, we have always ensured at all times that we give visible examples to show that we are a party that promotes free and fair electoral process. We will allow all contestants regardless of the zone they come from to contest in the election. The best of them will emerge in a free and fair election. We have more aspirants at the moment that have indicated interest to contest for the ticket of our party. Our job as a party is to ensure that there is freedom of choice by party members as to who would become the party’s candidate.


Some people are saying that PDP in the state looks quiet and not too eager to wrestle power from Governor Rotimi Akeredolu and APC.

This is very untrue. What people who peddle this misinformation do not  seem to realise is that the PDP is not APC. We do not believe in using falsehood, divisive and highly intolerant methods for wrestling power from the incumbent, knowing  that we hold a responsibility to ensure that Ondo State remains peaceful and its people united. We will win not by making inflammatory comments or criticism and inciting posts aimed at causing violence as the APC is known for. Time proves the veracity of any information and we are very careful not to sow any seeds capable of causing any friction amongst the citizens of this great state. Winning an election is a very technical and systematic thing and the PDP is committed to winning freely and fairly.


Many attributed the silence in the party to the exit of the former Governor Mimiko from your fold. Is the party still alive in the state after Mimiko?

My simple answer to that is this, we currently have two senators and some members of the House of Representatives. We won the last presidential election in the state squarely and have remained ever relevant and united even since the exit of the former governor from our party. Time will tell and prove itself right or wrong.


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