Very uncouth language and behaviour

IN the course of heated debates over the trial of the two principal officers of the Senate, the President and his Deputy, last Tuesday, some Senators resorted to unsavoury behaviour while making their points in the hallowed chambers of the Senate.

It was reported that Senator Dino Melaye, representing Kogi West Senatorial District threatened to beat up and to, thereafter impregnate Senator (Mrs.) Oluremi Tinubu (representing Lagos Central Senatorial district). The altercation between the two people is indeed worrisome and the height of uncouth behaviour especially coming from “Distinguished” Senators. It is very unbecoming of leaders.

Leadership demands responsible behaviour and if those who are supposed to make laws for us are behaving this way, then we are in trouble. I am not holding brief for Senator Melaye, in actual fact what he has done; denigrating a fellow senator, a woman for that matter should attract the carrying of placards by women in Nigeria, demanding for a full apology from him. But here we should not allow sentiments to becloud our judgement.

I have never met Mrs. Tinubu, but I have always admired her from afar – her carriage and comportment – until now. Why would you look a full-fledged man in the face and call him, not only a thug, but also a dog? Even if she saw him as one or all of the names she called him, one would expect a self-respecting woman, the wife of a leader and a leader in her own right to maintain her calm in the face of whatever provocation that might have come her way in the course of her service to the nation. I am not saying, “serves her right”, what I am saying is that respect begets respect; easily, she could have made her point without taking Melaye to the cleaners the way she did.

And the Melaye character behaved true to type; he said during a press conference he held to explain his misbehaviour, “she called me a dog, and when she called me a dog I stood up and reacted.” Of course, his reaction did show him up for what he is – a non-respecter of women. Why would he threaten another man’s wife so? Unfortunately, in his explanation last Thursday, he further complicated the issue by claiming that he could not have said he would impregnate Mrs. Tinubu, because according to him, she is biologically in the menopausal age. Haa!

What kind of leaders do we have in this country – men threatening married women and women not being able to hold their tongues! No wonder there is so much disarray. If we women, who are supposed to nurture and raise future leaders, cannot bridle our tongues and project good behaviour and utterances, then we are in trouble as a nation. As for Melaye, he should not look for excuses for his misbehaviour towards womanhood and the institution of marriage; (he has none). He should rather think of a way of apologising to Nigerian women without delay.


Re: Lagos, our lagos

What baffles me when I think of the actions of some of our leaders is whether they plan before they act. I am yet to understand why they always put the cart before the horse! No one adores or endorses indecency (in this context, street/road trading), but let Governor Ambode and his club members ‘plan before they cleanse’. Those that the governor needs to satisfy are those he is offending and victimising!  —Lanre Oseni, 07030303636


It is my belief that whatever has advantages must also have disadvantages. Before taking any major decision affecting the lives of the people, (the helmsman, who in this case is the governor) must consider both sides of the issue. Unfortunately, it appears as if Governor Akinwumi Ambode of Lagos State is looking at only one side.   He did not ask “what are the provisions my government has made for those street hawkers”? Governor Ambode should compare his own life with those that the law will affect. There is a lot of disparity. Unfortunately, I can boldly claim that majority of these people voted for Ambode during the last gubernatorial elections in Lagos state; definitely, this is not the way to reward them. —Taiwo Sangotikun Iseyin, Oyo state 08056309372


Government is an institution that has the proclivity of creating more problems in its bid to solve a problem. Nigeria is replete with business moguls whose business interests pollute and deface the environment. —Dayo Oladeji, Saki, Oke Ogun 08027278748


I believe the Lagos state government has done the right thing in order to ensure the security of lives and properties in the state. Also, removing the street hawkers will ensure free flow of traffic as well as take care of other factors. I repeat once again that the Lagos state government has done the right thing. However, this is a man-made law and it should be implemented with compassion in view of the harsh economic situation in the country. I am suggesting that alternative arrangements should be made for these street hawkers, where they will legitimately sell their goods and earn their living. —Lekan Oladeji, Ilora 08053049443

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