Tuberculosis in my family

My 55-year-old mother was recently diagnosed with Tuberculosis. Kindly let me know how the rest of the family can avoid being infected.

Temilola  (by SMS)


Tuberculosis (TB) is spread before the sick person has started treatment and some weeks after. This is why people living in the same household with someone are most at risk to get TB. Unfortunately, it is not all who have been infected with TB that go on to develop TB illness. Small children, young adults, elderly and people having weak immune system develop more easily TB illness. In view of your mother’s infection, members of the family should go to the nearest Health Centre for proper examination and tests to see if any of you has become infected with TB. In addition, all of you will get information about TB and instructions on where to go if they get symptoms of TB later on.  All sick persons are sent to hospital for treatment. Other adults will have a new check-up with chest x-ray after one year.