There may not be Nigeria in 2023 —Buhari’s ex-Minister

One of the strong political allies of President Muhammadu Buhari and immediate past Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr Solomon Dalung, has reviewed the state of the nation, especially against the backdrop of escalating insecurity, and submitted that Nigeria may not exist in 2023 if the precarious situation continues.

Speaking to Sunday Tribune exclusively, Dalung identified the emergence of those he called conflict entrepreneurs who are benefitting from the terrible situation and are unwilling to let it end as the greatest challenge. He said some of these violence entrepreneurs are within the corridors of power, making “heavy businesses out of the pathetic security situation.”

“What happened in Imo was horrific and grave, talking along the line of national security because it was an attack on the national security. It was carried out successfully because impunity has taken the centre stage of our national values, meaning that people now get away with evil, with crimes and with anything. Some of them even brag about it and are also seen within the corridors of power,” he said.

Read the full interview  here

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