The stripe fashion

The history of stripes on garment dates back to the Medieval times. During that era, only prisoners, criminals, clowns, prostitutes, and so on were seen wearing a black and white striped garment.

However, by the end of the Nineteenth Century, a new definition of stripes was created by Queen Victoria when she dressed her son, Albert, in a sailor suit to board the Royal Yacht in 1846.

From vertical to horizontal to assymetrical, stripes are a timeless pattern and have never truly gone out of style.

Colour mix, size and placement contribute to the effect when you wear stripes. The fabric and styling of your garment also makes a difference.

Traditionally, fashion experts have been prone to the idea that plus-sized women should avoid horizontal stripes, claiming that such stripes gave the illusion of bulk.

However, this is wrong as horizontal stripes have the opposite effect. Plus-sized people appear taller when wearing horizontal stripes.

So whenever you have any area on your body that needs to be concealed, wear horizontal stripes.

The vertical stripes widen your body, for instance, if you have a thin top and curvy bottom, then you can opt for a dress with a vertical striped top part and a one-colored bottom. The bottom will look ideal, as it is, without adding any volume. Whereas the thin top part will visually become fuller.

For men, when choosing to wear a striped tee, let your top half do all the talking. Pick pants in a simple and low key block colour and avoid adding extra pattern to your outfit.

For striped blazers, this is the boldest striped piece any man can have in his style armoury as it demands attention and immediately screams fashion.

It is advisable to pair your blazer with either straight legged or skinny pants and jeans.

In general, whichever stripe you choose, the key is to know what areas of your body you wish to highlight and what you want to conceal, and then seek out the versions of this trend that make you look your best and feel comfortable and confident.

Stripes, when selected properly, add style and beauty to your wardrobe.









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