The rape scandal in Imo varsity

BY choice, I have elected not to seek or view the viral sex tape of Professor Emmanul Agumuo, the Head of Department of Biochemistry at Imo State University, Owerri, in a set-up tryst with one of his distressing graduating students who had issues with her result. Except for those in the forensic business, viewing such, in the name of establishing the authenticity of the allegations, is pure carnality and depravity. Only a degenerate mind or yet-to-be regenerated mind would find any pleasure so doing. Anyways, the electronic trap, according to media reports, was laid by security operatives, approached by the unnamed lady when Prof reportedly insisted on cash and kind combined, so nothing to forensic, but since the viralness of such tapes is only confirmed by multiple sharing, viewing, likes and comments, it would be by wise choice, not to conform with the twitting world of castrate-him howl.

The story, according to Punch newspaper, is that the graduating lady who is close to nuptial, approached Prof for help and actually paid N150, 000 bribe to “settle,” before Agumuo started demanding a round of flesh, which she wasn’t willing to add to the bargain.

It was Pastor Williams Kumuyi of Deeper Life that famously said that if you married the daughter of the devil, Satan, your father-in-law, must pay a visit. The female student is as criminally-minded, as Prof and despite not being arrested in action like Agumuo, the fact that she willingly paid bribe, without bringing the authorities into it, to set the lecturer up as she did with the flesh business, doesn’t cancel the fact that she also fouled the law.

I know the one with the raging phallus would be the villain. It is the norm the society has settled for, obviously to protect women, particularly the girl-child from pedophiles and the idea is well-headed, only that if whole attention remains solely on the act (which is condemnable till eternity), not even extreme solutions like bar-beach execution of offenders, would stem the tide, especially within the university community.

For sure, this isn’t a popular opinion and the suggestion that the lady in the Imo Varsity saga should be prosecuted alongside the arrested Professor, would be against the run of play. Yes, all about sex is emotions, both consensual and non-consensual, which has come to define rape in more ways than boy-meets-girl-and-takes-her-home scenario. In more sensitive societies, poorly-timed whistling could get you answering for what you didn’t intend, not to talk of a breezy flow of air to a lady’s neck, from even a rumpled lung like that of Joe Biden, the 77-year-old, who could be president. Rape is surely a social pandemic and the education sector is increasingly looking like Botswana of 2008 when rape incidence was 92.9 per cent in every 100,000. But if just a party to it, is the sole problem, things shouldn’t have degenerated to this level.

No, this isn’t an exoneration of the male lecturers. In fact, findings have shown devil lives rent-free in the hearts of many of them. During the UNILAG saga, Saturday Tribune’s investigation showed that a devilish mindset had birthed a belief that the small small girls are there on campus to augment their perceived poor pay. You ask, if dragging the girls to the Cold Room, was a make-weight to male teachers’ salaries, what should female lecturers do as their own “extra”? Start sleeping with the small boys?

Unlike the Imo Varsity lady who went seeking lion in his lair, many rape victims in schools, didn’t go seek undue favours. But many also got needlessly entangled. Somehow, in a given setting, a lady would want to stay connected to the big man. Maybe, it is a wired thing, an ego thing.

The advent of social media has even encouraged greater social and physical distancing between lecturers and all students, male and female, unlike when handouts must be collected in offices and grades must be pasted and viewed inside offices or notice boards located in dangerous places.

There is a simple solution to forced and unforced sex on campuses and adjoining hotels. Authorities should make rules, limiting contacts between the teaching staff and students, using the social media to bridge the gap. This pandemic period has shown that all we considered scared in the past are nothing but everyday waka-pass. God has used the pandemic to demystify lies of men, packaged for generations as the gold standards. Education, as the last five months have shown, isn’t cast in any iron of attendance in selected gatherings. Iro oyinbo ti tu. The world is truly virtual and the new order will compulsorily reveal that, in years to come, since scientists are saying COVID-19 would be with us for a long time. Instead of making huge investment on castration machines, technology should become a top priority around here, so we can become corona-age-compliant. Without a face-me-and-face-you learning, students have graduated in some universities abroad and graduation even conducted for the so-called 2020 Class of Obamaism, all done online.

When technology has been used to restrain raging libido, those that are now caught in the act should be heavily dealt with, including female students who accept invites to offices and hotels, outside of their learning WhatsApp groups. Despite staying on campus, teaching, going forward, should reflect the Open University model (teaching spaces are always inadequate anyways) and the needful physical classes, should be absolutely necessary.

Yes, many may snigger at this as impracticable, because it is always difficult to unlearn even the unproductive. But many Nigerians being saluted for greatness today, did correspondence courses abroad while working in Nigeria, to better their future. In doubt, check the story of Aare Afe Babalola. Incidentally, the man without a formal primary education now owns a Univ.

Yoruba will say, ire wa ninu ibi (there is a good in every evil). Yes, men like Agumuo will always make us shake our heads in disbelief and ask, if men would ever learn from fallen comrades or would always prefer to be a lesson unto themselves, but they can also serve as catalysts to think out of the box. There is a UFC fighter named Jessica Eye. To be scary, she implanted “evil” in-between. It is her kind, regardless of gender, you pray don’t see your own.



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