The Impact of Alta Semper & Zachary Fond on the Nigerian Health Sector

Who is Zachary Fond

Mr. Zachachy Fond is Alta Semper’s current managing director. He earned an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania, and he also has a degree from Cornell University, where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Zachary went on to work at UBS and Goldman Sachs, where he was able to gain some experience. While working at these two companies, his main focus was on consumer goods in Sub-Saharan Africa. Then he went on to work as an M&A executive at SABMiller. He largely worked with beverage firms in Nigeria, Angola, Malawi, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and South Africa. He then joined Emerging Capital Partners in Kenya. He was a senior associate at this firm, where he focused on consumers, infrastructure, and retail investments. He worked in all aspects of the private equity life cycle. This encompasses new investments, fundraising, portfolio management, and exits. In 2016 he joined Alta Semper, bringing with him a lot of experience garnered from his more than 9 years of consulting and investing.

Who Is Alta Semper and What Do They Do

Founded by Ronald Lauder, Richard Parsons as well as Afsane Jetha, Alta Semper is a venture capital firm based in the United Kingdom. Since its inception, the firm has achieved significant success by employing a flexible investment strategy while mostly investing in the consumer and healthcare industries. Alta Semper has completed multiple transactions since its inception, including an $18 million investment in HealthPlus, Nigeria’s largest retail pharmacy network.

About HealthPlus

Mrs. Bukky George created HealthPlusNigeria in 1999. This was the first integrated pharmacy network in Nigeria. With Alta Semper’s $18 million investment, HealthPlusNigeria has risen to become the largest and fastest-growing pharmacy network in West Africa. In Nigeria, the firm now has over 80 retail outlets. And the products sold in these HealthPlus locations are well-known for being authentic and having high quality, which is important given the prevalence of counterfeit goods on the market. The majority of prescription income is generated by both generic and branded players in the United Kingdom and America, with a strong emphasis on high-quality items manufactured locally. The Group now employs over 150 pharmacists and over 850 people, placing it ahead of the majority of its competitors. Each HealthPlus pharmacy has a team of pharmacists who administers prescriptions and help the clients receive proper medical treatment. This is particularly important since not everyone has the time or money to go to the doctor’s office.

How Alta Semper Helps the Nigerian people via HealthPlus

Below are the various ways the investments of Alta Semper in HealthPlusNigeria has been helping the Nigerian population:

  • Helping HealthPlus expand its supply chains and distribution centers
  • Introducing branded/private label products in a controlled fashion
  • Establishing e-commerce to secure the distribution channel
  • Providing high-quality yet inexpensive health care and consumer products and services
  • Expanding the services to several outlets around the country, each of which offers a unique set of services.

The services provided by these outlets include:

  • A pillbox service
  • Advice from an expert pharmacist
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Controlled medicines
  • Cholesterol check
  • Electrocardiogram screening service
  • Family planning services
  • Healthy heart check
  • Management of minor ailments
  • Reviewing medicine use
  • Private consultation
  • Prescription dispensing service
  • Providing support for asthma patients
  • Skin and hair analysis
  • Services to help stop smoking
  • Screening for diabetes
  • Sexual health service
  • Travel health service

Alta Semper’s investment in HealthPlusNigeria, has helped expand the services of HealthPlusNigeria, helped the company to build more distribution centers, hire more qualified individuals, as well as explore and expand its e-commerce ventures. This investment has directly helped in the provision of high-quality, conveniently accessible, and inexpensive healthcare to Nigerians while also creating employment opportunities.



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