Should vaccination be mandatory?

IN another conversation that has us checking and reaffirming the thin line between rights of the individual and government interference, this week on WhatsApp Conversation, we share views on whether vaccination should be mandated by the government or not:


Lanre Oseni

Vaccination should be made mandatory in order to save Nigerians from colossal negative consequences we seem not to have their antidotes! Aside from the pregnant, the sick, the breastfeeders; all should be made to receive the vaccines until the virus is run down to its nearest minimum. Ours is a growing rather than grown economies. We can not cope economically and socially if the virus fails to abate. It will not abate if we treat its treatment with kid gloves. A “stitch in time, saves many/all.”.


Olayemi Adeola

Yes, however,the government would still want to respect their citizen’s rights.Using Nigeria as a case study, poliomyelitis still affects children, especially in the Northern part of Nigeria.Although, there has been a reduction in the incidence of polio cases almost by 99% since the first endemic breakout.

But, I think if it is mandatory, we may not have to wait for years to eradicate some diseases.Another factor why I think our government may not make vaccination mandatory is because of finances. Making vaccines compulsory simply means we have to spend a lot more on our health system, and I don’t think we are ready for that yet.

For example, when I participated in the Yellow Fever vaccination program in Ondo state 2019, we had people who said they didn’t want the vaccine. Since yellow fever cannot spread through casual contact, we decided to honour their wish. We will never be able to eradicate yellow fever because a fraction of society does not want vaccination.


Sammy Soar

A vaccine is a biological preparation that provides active acquired immunity to a particular infectious disease. A vaccine typically contains an agent that resembles a disease-causing microorganism and is often made from weakened or killed forms of the microbe, its toxins, or one of its surface proteins.

So, a vaccine does not necessarily mean a drug to cure the virus or make you totally immune against it. It only builds your immune system to be able to fight it, so as not to go after you or weigh you down that you might not necessarily need a drug. Vaccines should as much as possible be made mandatory, this is because our existence is tied to one another. We meet people daily and if you, due to one bias or the other decides not to take a vaccine, you are endangering not only yourself but anyone that comes in contact with you and anyone you come in contact with.


Tosin Awoniyi

Yes, vaccination should be made mandatory because to me, I see it as a must to give one’s animal a vaccine by injecting them. Getting vaccinated regularly does prevent us from contracting various diseases. So, if truly one wants to avoid some disease, I   think it is a must for someone to get vaccines every now and then.

Rita Mary

It doesn’t matter, the COVID vaccine is already mandatory as it is. You barely can get anything done without it in the forward-thinking countries of the world. The only thing that is holding a nation like Nigeria back is inadequate funding or the mismanagement of the same.



Yes, it should. Because when you don’t get vaccinated, you are not only putting yourself at risk, you are risking the lives of others too.


Tunde Joseph

Generally, if you believe in the vaccine, you should get it, if you feel there is something sinister about it, don’t get it. Everyone owns their lives, they should be free to exercise their choice. For one, the COVID vaccine doesn’t prevent you from getting the virus, when you take it, you take it only to boost your chances of fighting the disease. It should be optional.

On the broader scale, vaccines are not just about COVID, there are other diseases out there. If there have vaccines that have been proven, it should still be optional but people should be encouraged to take it. In the case of the COVID vaccine, it is experimental as it is. Your right must be exercised. We have different body reactions, as such choice should be exercised. Not everyone is a fan of orthodox medicine. The choice is a right.


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