Savour rice steamed in a rattan basket

In the Philippines, basketry was an important craftwork, usually carried out by women and men to make domestic utensils such as the rattan basket which was used for keeping rice grown by the family. According to a report, among the Ifugao groups of the de la Luzón Range, the men were the main basket-makers, and although there were many plant fibres available, rattan was the most commonly used. But as generations are evolving, rattan baskets are now explored and used by chefs around the world to steam or boil rice.

Aliyah recipes give a detailed process of this steaming method. Enjoy!


How to Steam Rice with a Rattan Basket





Salt to taste



Soak rice in a bowl filled with cold water and set aside. Soaking rice cuts down the cooking time, but soaking is optional. If you desire to soak , you can  for 30 minutes or more

Place a large pot filled with water over medium-high heat and place the rattan basket over it, check and make sure the basket doesn’t touch the water.

Line it with a breathable cloth-like cheesecloth or muslin cloth (aso ogi). If you don’t have a cheese cloth you can still cook without it.

Rinse the soak rice and drain, transfer the rice to the rattan basket, cover and steam the rice.

While the rice is steaming shake the basket to redistribute the rice like 3 times or more.

Check the rice and if it’s crunchy pour hot water around the rice then cover and continue to steam; depending on the quantity of the rice the steaming time will vary.

Season the rice and continue to steam until soft and fluffy or until you have your desire texture.

Serve and enjoy with sauce.

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