Ruptured pipeline causes water shortage in Sokoto

The Sokoto State water board has disclosed that the current shortage in water supply being experienced in the state capital and environment is as a result of the burst of raw water pipeline from Rima Water intake to the main Treatment Plant.
This was disclosed by the General Manager of the State Water Board Engineer Ahmed Moyi Tambuwal, through the Deputy General Manager Water Supply Engineer Nasiru Mu’azu.
According to him, “the busted pipeline is situated within Bi-water station along Kware road, Sokoto, it occurred on Saturday evening.
“The pipeline is the main water pipe supplying water to the Treatment Plant for production and supply to consumers.
” I can assure you that the engineers of the board are working hard to rectify the problem,” he said.
While appealing to the people remain patient and show understanding on the matter, Engineer Moyi Tambuwal assured that normal water supply would be restored as soon as the repair work is completed.

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