It behooves me to start by saying that knowing what you want or desire does not mean you know where to get it. And not knowing where to get what you are looking for is what makes wanderers out of men and women who are supposed to be wonders. Additionally, not knowing where to get what you are looking for is one of the most daunting challenges facing too far many would-be-successful folk. For more than two decades, I have met with several men and women who are challenged in this area. And for many years now, I have been helping to re-direct people to where they can find what they are looking for. Nothing gives me joy more than this!

Another reason many are wandering and struggling in life is because they wrongly think there are self-made successful people. Many think they can find what they are looking for without being helped. No one has ever succeeded without being helped by at least one relevant man or woman. Successful people do understand what I am touching on here.

Athletes know the unavoidable importance of having coaches. Footballers, no matter how talented they are, can never become world-class without having coaches. As talented as Mike Tyson was, he needed a coach before he could become successful in the ring at the global level. Even Usain Bolt needed a coach! I do have mine. Do you have one?

When people take ill, they look for doctors and pay them, so they can be back on their feet. Also, when their water pipes at home are leaking water, they search for plumbers as a woman would look for a lost coin and pay them to fix their pipes, but when they are wandering in life and business, looking for what is within their reach—but cannot see—they do not see any need to seek the priceless counsel of someone who knows what they do not know and someone who knows where what they are looking for can be found. On the condition that you truly want to become successful in business and leadership in the midst of the earth, this breed of mindset has to change. You need a coach to thrive in life.

You want to find what you are looking for? For the umpteenth time, you cannot afford not to have a mentor. And kindly understand that a mentor is not someone who will be running after you like a baby who is learning to walk.  A mentor is someone you will need to submit to. And a mentor is someone you must revere and you must be willing to work hard as he guides and points you to where what you are looking for can be found. Remember, success lives outside the comfort zone and to become successful, you must always be willing to journey with your mentor.

In 2021, I counsel that you turn some of your breakfasts and lunches to school, if you are really serious about becoming successful this year and beyond. You can have either a breakfast or lunch with your mentor, asking him questions in an informal atmosphere. And as he speaks, you keep quiet while you take note. The secret I am sharing with you here has made successful people out of those who were once wandering in the field of life.

Taking this crucial issue forward, it is important I let you understand that you cannot find in ‘Shechem’ what’s in ‘Dothan,’ so stop wasting your precious-time. If what you are looking for is in Nigeria, you will not find it elsewhere and if what you are looking for is not in Nigeria, staying back at home is a waste of time. This is why you need a coach for a redirection.

Sweetheart, just a bit of information from someone who knows what you do not know will bring an end to your many years of wandering in life, leadership and business. Please understand that the reason you are yet to get what you are looking for is because you are deficient of crucial information that will redirect you from ‘Shechem’ to ‘Dothan.’ This is where the place of having a coach cannot be overemphasised.

Kindly understand that what you need in this Covid-19 season may not be money, but what you need may be a simple re-direction. The advent of Covid-19 has changed a lot of things, but many people are not aware yet. Where what you need used to be has changed! You will need a coach who is capable of showing you where it can now be found. What I am sharing with you will save you from many avoidable years of toiling without getting commensurate results!

As I begin to coast home for this moment, what many need in order to find what they are looking for is humility, because proud people cannot be helped, and no one can truly become successful without being helped by at least a relevant person, who knows what he does not know. And one of the major keys that will open the door of relevant knowledge to you in this day and time is humility.

Lastly, for the umpteenth time, what you need to lead the pack in your field of purpose may be a redirection, rescuing you from many years of wandering. Till I come your way again next Monday, see you where humble and successful leaders are found!


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