Quest for a new Nigeria

Dear Nigerian leaders, if you have led this country in the past or you are presently in power in any capacity, we do not need you again to lead this country. We appreciate your efforts and leadership styles. We appreciate your contributions in the building of our great country. We respect your agenda and we also overlook your inevitable mistakes. We have no reason to punish you for your grave policies, actions and inactions. Rather, we commend you for the good policies you put in place and for summoning up the courage to lead your fatherland.

We need purposeful leadership at all levels to drive the agenda that will build our country and give to our children the desired future that we all crave. This is very important considering the many challenges that we are daily confronted with as a country. Our citizens are desirous of better things and it is high time that we gave it to them. Leadership is a big responsibility that should not be trivialised. This is very important.

Nigeria’s population is estimated to be over 200 hundred million. There are millions of sound minds with great leadership skills who can continue from where those who will be leaving office will stop work. I believe that those coming who will  understand our fundamental problems, know where the shoe inches and understand the peculiarity of our country.

We cannot write off the place of experience in nation-building and nationhood. We can also learn from great leaders and achievers across the world. History can never fail us if we do not fail to befriend it.

Besides, it is not until we recycle our past leaders that we can build an enviable country. In most cases, this has cost us avoidable regrets. I do not need to be listing our endless challenges as even the unborn generations will know them all. But the basic ones, particularly quality education, are really depriving us of great and needed leaders. The mass of our electorate are not equipped to identify those who mean well for our country. They cannot analyse and evaluate manifestos neither can they question the deceitful submissions of many greedy and self-seeking politicians. Those who ought to inform them take advantage of their naiveties to sell them cheap to desperate politicians; stomach infrastructure is now the order of the day.

Visionary leaders who cannot afford to embark on expensive campaigns nor share gift to the electorate are not known neither are they voted for.

Our National Assembly members should review both the constitutional and electoral requirements for public offices. We cannot afford to be making mockery of ourselves before the comity of nations.

Qudus Adewale Lawal


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