People with disability commend Buhari for signing disability act

THE President, Muhammadu Buhari and the APC- led Federal Government have been commended for accenting the Disability Act which has given people with disability (PWDs) equal citizenship rights in the country.

The commendation was made by the North-East Zonal leader of the APC People with Disability (PWDs), Comrade Muhammad Abba Isa while addressing Journalists in Bauchi on Tuesday stating that the over 27 million PWDs in the country can now be considered as major stakeholders in the scheme of things.

He added that the development has now brought to an end the years of suffering of the PWDs as result of systematic discrimination against them which he said has impeded on both individual progress of the affected persons and indeed the nation at large

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Abba Isa lamented the attitudes of government and the society over the years which has reduced PWDs to beggars loitering the streets as well as viewing their roles in the society as people dependent and cannot contribute to wealth creation.

He added thataa “in addition, families who have PWDs see them as a curse rather than a blessing and see investment on the education and development of such children as waste of resources. Apparently, the nation by its negligence to act on discrimination against PWDs has condemned its potentially millions of its citizens to doom”.

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He then expressed optimism that the signing of the act would no doubt see government agencies, corporate organizations and individuals accord due recognition to PWDs and give them the desired citizenship rights because according to him, “there is ability in every disability “.

As a way of appreciating the effort, he called on all PWDs in the country to rally round and support the APC led administration and vote for President Muhammadu Buhari for a second term to enable him complete the good work of reshaping the country which he has stated since 2015 when he was elected as President.


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