Omokri’s leaked audio: Mixed reactions over Amaechi’s alleged offensive against Buhari

Reno Omokri, an aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan, on Sunday, released the second part of an audio clip allegedly attributed to Minister of Transportation, Mr Rotimi Amaechi, with claims that he mocked President Muhammadu Buhari’s leadership, with expression of disbelief in Nigeria’s progress under the current administration.

In the said audio, Amaechi, the Director General of the Muhammadu Buhari Campaign Organisation, allegedly said, “This country can never change, I swear. The only way this country can change is in a situation where everybody is killed. This country is going nowhere. I’m not joking. There were other voices in the background responding with laughter.

In the part one of the audio recording Omokri released on Friday, a male voice he allegedly attributed to Amaechi, said, “The President is not listening to anybody. He doesn’t care. You can write anything you want. The President doesn’t care. Does he read?”

Omokri, after his release of the part one, further threatened to release the second and third part of the audio, in the event Amaechi, who is the Director General of President Buhari’s Campaign Organisations denies the leaked audio tape.

Omokri had said, “We have more of the secretly recorded audios of Chibuike Amaechi, DG of the Muhammadu Buhari campaign, saying terrible things about Buhari’s government. I hear Amaechi wants to lie that he was referring to Goodluck Jonathan. Let him do that and I will release part two which clearly shows he referred to Buhari.”

Further to his threat, Omokri, without waiting for Amaechi, on Sunday, released the second part of the audio clip, which was a follow up to the earlier released, echoing a similar voice lampooning Nigeria’s leadership and expressing regrets on the state of things in the country.

However, Nigerian Twitter users have expressed diverse opinions over the said audio clips released by Omokri, below are their views:

@heroyalioness: I weep for this country..aswear. Just imagine the utterances of a supposed minister of the country and they expect the common man to believe the country will be better and act right.
Every man for himself?

@izucals: Look at the mentality of leaders we have. Two term governor and a minister. We would get it right soon, this I believe.

@am_davidoluwole: The change ambassador confessing that Nigeria will not change and he’s so excited to say it. God how on earth did we find our self in this mess?

Those we expect to make a difference are causing more harm to the nation. I can see the #NextLevel in the 4 + 4 plan.

@Enumesh: Where is @toluogunlesi oya ooo part two don show come defend ooo.

@HuncleCj: ok we all got the privilege to hear senior gist. what Amaechi said is simply an open truth to d rulling class. Forget all the mantra, forget all the propaganda, forget all the promises, its a fact that fixing Nigeria is a task that most of em don’t even know how to.

@BeBram1: Or like what happened in Ghana years ago, some many untouchables in Nigeria may have to go for the country to move forward.

@MozesEdibo: Like in this case of Ganduje, they will claim the tape is doctored and nursed at the national hospital. What a shame to all those that defend this government when a key player has admitted and reveal the true state of things. The Youths must act.

@JosephOjedeji: Leaders without conviction and vision! With these bunch of leaders, our destination is No where! #NeverAgain.

@MommyAmara: Appointing an entirely unqualified, person to oversee the entirety of @MBuhari’s reelection campaign

What could go wrong???? Buhari kuku ma seem to have an uncanny knack of appointing exactly the wrong person.

@olusola_vic: Nigeria is nothing but a joke! Thank you for these revelations we will now see who will come out to deny this.

@Mayor_Musa: Dear Sir, kindly release the third part speedly, but be rest assured that no amount of your blackmail will make us falter from our strong cause of reelecting PMB because we are resolute.

@HrHSeyi: Keep up the false narratives!
But tell me…how many votes will it add to your principal rapidly diminishing political fortunes???

@_perez94: On this, I support Amaechi, Nigeria is expired. He only amplified our thoughts. It’s not negative assertion, even the president knows. Nigeria as a country will never change. People with different traditions & lifestyle was merged by greedy Frederick Lugard for British gain. 2/3

@informedchimex: They know while this is on spot and candid revelation but it is as well a strategic move by the @OfficialPDPNig to disorganize their camp. Do I call this the divide and rule game?. Divide @OfficialAPCNg so @OfficialPDPNig can rule Nigeria. @MBuhari won’t fire no one for now.

@soft_dyne: To be sincere this is funny but correct#i keep saying this everyday to my dad,The so called political elite needs to die & give way else we going nowhere!

@abujastreets: Sad thing is, Nigerians don’t consider things like this when dey vote. We vote on religious and ethnic stands. ??

@NSYCAN: He amplified the thoughts of ordinary Nigerians frustrated by the present state of things in Nigeria.
I didn’t know the Elites also share this thoughts.
The average Nigerian wants all of them killed, so freshers can take over and change the fortunes of this country.

@christometer: By worries about this audio is that they are even making fun of it laughing in the background. Maybe them dey beer parlour dey discuss our national matters. It is well oh.

@Yahdoziem: But @ChibuikeAmaechi said the truth. At least we should respect him for that. Who does not know that this country is going nowhere with the way its being run??

@taofeek_edun: Mr man as this audio implied this would take you nowhere, but i , on the move to NextLevel…

@LarryYammai: God is able to make your enemy speaks from his inner belly revealing the secrets that ordinarily you wouldn’t have known.
A top minister in the Nigerian government has revealed the true state of things it’s left for us Nigerians to act on it.

@haztola: It has been revealed that this was in 2014. A lot has changed since then. Plz continue ur Dubai deception, its dead on arrival. However some tribal brothers will support u in this

@bravegheorghe: I weep for those who lack knowledge, those who follow politicians blindly. See how they’re laughing heartily over the state of the country, telling themselves the country won’t change. The same people campaigning with the change mantra. Some fools will still defend them. They have looted public fund far more than enough to take care of themselves and their families for generations to come, so if the country collapse completely they’ll just fly abroad. It is the common Nigerian that will suffer, and that is you and I.

@Olariches82: This is the only honest truth I’ve heard from a politician… No matter how funny it may sound, but that’s the truth. Now, who are the people to be killed ? Definitely not me n the innocent Nigerians.. Those politicians, their fellow thieves that have kept us where we’re today.

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