NigComSat trains 600 across six geo-political zones on Vsat installation

The Nigerian Communications Satellite Ltd (NIGCOMSAT) has completed the 6-day training of the 600 persons in Gombe, Abia, Kano, Ekiti, Kebbi, Lagos and Bauchi states.

The Minister of Communications and Digital Economy Dr Isa Pantami launched the National Policy of VSAT Installation Core Skills for Nigerians in Abuja.

The Minister also flagged off the policy implementation through the training and empowerment of 600 youths in Nigeria.

NIGCOMSAT has been the training facilitator of the project using highly skilled NIGCOMSAT engineers who give the participants a base knowledge of satellite communications whilst blending theoretical knowledge with practical demonstrations on how to install VSAT and TVRO antennas to communicate with NIGCOMSAT-1R satellite, Sub Saharan Africa’s 1st geostationary satellite

Adamu Idris, General Manager, NigComSat, during an interview with journalists said “for the records, Director General of NIGCOMSAT Dr Abimbola Alale is Fellow of the African Scientific Institute (FASI), Certified Forensic Investigation Professional (CFIP) and member of the International Academy of Forensics (MIAF), among several others.

“It is therefore surprising that at the twilight of one of the most remarkable administrations NIGCOMSAT has ever had, there is a deliberate campaign to not only downplay the effectiveness of her leadership but to altogether obfuscate her landmark achievements.

“For the purpose of putting the records straight, it is important to state again that NIGCOMSAT-1 was launched in May 2007 by China Great Wall Industry Corporation (CGWIC). NIGCOMSAT-1 was China’s first commercial in-orbit delivery telecommunications satellite.”

“A 200 Million USD loan was used to build its predecessor NIGCOMSAT 1, taken by the Federal Ministry of Finance in 2006. Up to this date, no other loan has been or is being procured by the present administration on behalf of NIGCOMSAT Ltd.”

And that, “On November 11, 2008, NIGCOMSAT-1 failed in orbit due to solar array anomaly. On March 24, 2009, the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, NIGCOMSAT Ltd. and CGWIC signed the NIGCOMSAT-1R (replacement) satellite in-orbit delivery contract.

“NIGCOMSAT-1R was launched in 2011, paid for by insurance proceeds from NIGCOMSAT-1 and CGWIC and at no cost to the Government of Nigeria.”

“NIGCOMSAT-1R has been classified as a critical national infrastructure since 2017, hence insurance is being dealt with by the Federal Ministry of Finance directly. However, prior to 2017, the Management of NIGCOMSAT Ltd paid and settled all insurance payments, the Company does not have any measure of financial indebtedness or fraud as propounded by the writer’s imagination.” He added

According to him “while NIGCOMSAT Ltd doors are widely opened to media engagement and partnership, we take exception to unbalance stories full of lies meant to denigrate and impugn on the personality of principal officers of NIGCOMSAT Ltd.”


We Have Not Had Water Supply In Months ― Abeokuta Residents

In spite of the huge investment in the water sector by the government and international organisations, water scarcity has grown to become a perennial nightmare for residents of Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital.  NigComSat trains 600 across six geo-political zones on Vsat installation  ;  NigComSat trains 600 across six geo-political zones on Vsat installation  ;  NigComSat trains 600 across six geo-political zones on Vsat installation.

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