Need to curb incessant killings

The Federal Government needs to act fast by putting necessary machinery in place to curb the incessant killing of innocent Nigerians for money ritual. There are lots of reported cases of missing Nigerians at our various police stations with some of them be found dead with their private organs missing.

Some Nigerian youths have allowed themselves to be used as agents of destruction by evil men to kill people for money ritual. The armed robbers and kidnappers including Boko Haram members are killing Nigerians at will and they get away with it.

The circumstances surrounding the recent killing of Timothy Adegoke, the murdered OAU MBA student who lodged at Hilton hotel in Ile Ife has generated a lot of controversies and many Nigerians both home and abroad are anxious to know the killers and their sponsor.

What do we do to curb further killing of innocent Nigerians for money ritual? The answer is God’s protection. A Yoruba adage says: Ki olorun ma je ki ori wa gba abode; meaning, may our destiny not allow evil to come our way.

This is a difficult and trying time for Nigerians. We are all living in a state of fear. What happened to Timothy Adegoke? Who killed and buried him in a shallow grave in Ile Ife; this can happen to anybody. Nigerians need prayers at this desperate time.

I want to urge Nigerians to move closer to Allah at this critical time and seek for Allah’s protection every second.

Marc Anthony said “the evil that men do lives after them.It is my hope that Allah will one day judge the evil doers according to their deeds.

There will no hiding place for them on the day of judgment.


Barrister Jimoh Mumin,



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