My wife slept with our landlord’s son, desecrated my shrine —Husband

•He carved image of his relative, poured libation on it —Wife

Oja Oba/ Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State has ruled over a divorce suit brought before it by a man, Daudu Sulaimon against his wife, Alimat Sulaimon.

Daudu who dragged his wife to court alleged that they were no longer compatible. He, therefore, entreated the court to separate them before he committed murder.

The plaintiff shedding more light on his suit explained that his wife was destructive, dubious and promiscuous.

He stated that these and much more were the reasons he moved out of their place of abode and rented another apartment.

Alimat, who refused that their marriage be dissolved, stated in her defense that her husband misplaced the trust she had in him when he impregnated another woman.

According to her, he kept this from her, but the cat was let out of the bag when she came across their wedding pictures on Facebook.

Giving his judgment, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade noted that their relationship had failed.

Ruling, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade dissolved their union and granted custody of their children to the defendant.

The plaintiff was ordered to give the defendant N5,000 to pack her property from his house and another N15,000 for their children’s feeding.

The feeding allowance he stated must be given on monthly basis.

The responsibility of their children’s education was also given to Dauda and same for their education.

“My lord, Alimat has pushed me to the wall. I have restrained myself all this while from committing murder. I want her out of my house and life.

“My wife is troublesome. She gave me hell in our marriage and extended her hostility to my senior wife who got frustrated and left my home.

“I provided Alimat with all she needed to be comfortable and even went as far as buying her two vehicles. Yet, she was never contended.

“Alimat is promiscuous. She has strings of lovers; my wife slept with our landlord’s son and another, a Muslim cleric living in our neighbourhood.

“I bought her a mobile phone but unknown to her, I had coded it in order to monitor her activities. Through this, her conversations with her lovers were revealed to me.

“Everyone in our neighbourhood knows that my wife is cheap,” he said.

“Alimat cannot be trusted with money. She’s also indifferent to our children’s education. I decided paying our children’s school fees by myself after I discovered she was spending the money on frivolities.

“My wife is a dupe and a bad example to our children. She has never ceased to soil my name. She helped me in getting a shop and collected the full rent from me. She again collected money from another person for the same shop. This act almost got her locked up in the cell.

“My lord, Alimat’s most offensive act was that of desecrating my altar. She poured onions on my charms.

“I moved out of the house after this and rented another apartment I am presently living in.

“She moves with loose women and even had the guts to invite them to my house for a party during the last Ileya festival.

“My lord, what I seek from this court is divorce,” he concluded.

In response, Alimat said: “My lord, my husband can’t throw me out of the house we jointly built.

“We purchased the land we built our house on from the money given to our second child during his naming ceremony.

“Daudu misplaced the trust I had in him. He insisted I aborted my fourth pregnancy not knowing that he had impregnated another woman whom she later got married to.

“He put me in the dark all through this time. I got the shock of my life when I saw the picture of his wedding to this woman on facbook,” she explained.

“Dauda became unfair to me after this and took to beating me mercilessly.

“He bought me a mobile phone and coded it. He started monitoring me and listening to my conversations.

“I reported Daudu to his boss and after hearing both sides he forced him to apologise to me.

“He hates that I attend to my male customers which was the reason I employed apprentices to help me out in the shop.

“Dauda is fetish and devilish. He had different kinds of charms kept in a particular room in the house. In this room also were carved items representing people including a relative of his that lived with us. He was always pouring libation on these items.

“He lied that I desecrated his charms. I never went near them.

“He woke up one day and decided he was moving out of the house but never disclosed his whereabouts.

“He was paying our children’s school fees on regular basis before this, but stopped after he left home.

“Dauda lied that I’m promiscuous. No other man has seen my nakedness since we got married.

“He wants to throw me out of the house because he plans to bring his new wife into the house.

“The house belongs to both of us. We both contributed towards its building.”



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