My wife slapped me after I discovered and accused her of sleeping with another man —Husband

Her lover played into my hand when I picked his call and feigned to be a woman. He expressed how well he and my wife enjoyed their last love session and arranged that they meet again in their love nest for another display of intimacy. When I accused my wife she slapped me.”

“His case is that of the kettle calling the pot black. My husband runs after everything in skirt. He accused me of infidelity during an argument and destroyed everything in the house. He further went to break the ceiling in order to have access to my room.  He would have hacked me to death with an axe but for people around.”

A man, Taiwo Oyedeji had dragged his wife, Aminat Oyedeji to court seeking that it put an end to the 10-year-old relationship between both of them.

Taiwo claimed that his wife was adulterous and in the habit of coming home late. According to him, he had advised her times without number to desist from her indecent lifestyle but she had turned deaf ears to him.

Taiwo added that there was a particular number which was always calling Aminat. The plaintiff stated that on a certain night, he was forced to pick the call by this number when it was persistent.

According to him, he guessed the caller must be his wife’s lover and he therefore pretended he was a female.

To his chagrin, the caller, believing he was talking to my wife he revealled on their last meeting and went on to further arrange with her for another session of the display of sexual intimacy.

The plaintiff prayed the court to dissolve their marriage and grant him custody of their four children.


Aminat agreed to divorce accusing her husband of infidelity. The defendant stated that the plaintiff cared less about her welfare and that of their children.

According to Aminat, Taiwo was in the habit of throwing a party at the hotel every year to mark his birthday.

Aminat stated that her husband lavishes money on his girlfriends as he feasts them to sumptuous meals and expensive drinks.

The defendant added that the plaintiff was violent.

Aminat told the court she could no longer stick to her husband’s irresponsible behaviour.

She thus supported her husband’s plea of divorce but appealed to the court to grant her custody of their last three children but make him responsible for their upkeep.

Giving his judgment after he had heard both parties, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade observed that their union had broken down irretrievably.

Ruling, Odunade dissolved their wedlock and granted custody of their last three children to the defendant.

The plaintiff was asked to pay the sum of N10, 000 monthly as their children’s feeding allowance and be responsible for their education and health care.

Both were advised to maintain peace.

Taiwo told the court that: “My lord, I no longer want Aminat under my roof because she’s morally loose.

“My wife has strings of lovers and is in the habit of coming home late.

“I have warned her against this but she has refused to desist from doing so.

“My lord, there was a particular phone number always calling my wife late in the night after she had returned home and I know it’s that of one of her lovers.

“This same number one night called her ceaselessly while she was in the bathroom. She didn’t hear the phone ringing because it was on silence.

“I asked our eldest child who was near to bring the phone and when I checked who the caller was, I discovered it was the phone number which was always calling her.

“I was tempted to know who the caller was and I therefore picked the call.

“I feigned to be a woman and the caller thinking it was my wife talking expressed satisfaction on their last sexual act and arranged that they meet again at their usual love nest.

“The man suddenly cut the conversation, I guess when he sensed he had been talking to a wrong person.

“I confronted Aminat with her dirty acts after she was out of the bathroom and she fought me seeing that I had caught her red handed.

“My lord, my wife hit me with a spatula and not yet done slapped me.

“I got mad with her and beat her mercilessly.

“My lord, Aminat went for a knife and would have stabbed me but for neighbours who rushed to the scene when they heard our noise.

“She got me arrested by the police and I was detained. I was later granted bail.

“My lord, my life is not safe with my wife. I want her out of my house and life, the plaintiff stated.

Aminat in her evidence explained that: “My lord, Taiwo is pretending to be a saint, but he’s worse than the devil. He’s a cheat.

“He’s a womaniser and runs after anything in skirt.

“My husband has never been interested in my welfare and that of our children. All that matters to him is lavishing money on his girlfriends.

“I have told his friends to advise him to marry one of these women so that he would not be staying away from home and that peace would reign but he refused to heed their advice.

“My lord, Taiwo organizes a party every year to mark his birthday. He holds this party in hotels while his girlfriends are always in attendance.

“Taiwo treats his girlfriends to good food and drinks while our children and I languish at home.

“My lord, he lied that a man called me late in the night. We fought because of his adulterous nature.

“I came across pictures he took with his lover during his birthday party at a hotel and he went irate.

“I also overheard him chatting with this same woman on his mobile phone. He swore to kill me for going through his phone and also eavesdropping.

“He turned the whole house upside down and then destroyed my property.

“My lord, seeing that he could harm me, I ran into my room and locked the door behind me.

“Taiwo tried all he could to force the door open but failed. He then tried to break the ceiling to my room but was restrained by neighbours.

“My lord, not yet satisfied, my husband hit me with an axe and would have axed me to death. He left me with a deep cut on the head and I was hospitalized.

“My lord, I’m also no more interested in going further with this union. I pray this honourable court to separate us and grant me custody of our last three children while he can have our eldest child.

“I further plead with the court to make him responsible for their general welfare, “the defendant concluded.

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