Comedy should not be seen as men’s only affair —Comedienne, Real Warri Pikin

Delta State-born Anita Asuoha popularly known by her stage name, Real Warri Pikin, is a Nigerian comedienne, an On-Air-Personality and a graduate of Political Science from Benson Idahosa University, Benin City. In this interview by FEMI OGUNTAYO, she talks about her personality and how things have changed for her since she took to full-time comedy. Excerpts:

Why the name, Real Warri Pikin?

The name was given to me by a very close friend mine.

You recently shared an emotional post on your Instagram page, flashing back on your journey to stardom, how you started as a dancer and have featured in many dancing competitions in the past, before getting to where you are today. How did it all start?

The entire journey has been an interesting one. Just like I shared on my Instagram page recently, it all started when I won the Maltina Dance Hall in 2010, Glo Rock and Rule and I became Glo Ambassador in 2009. I have been in the industry since 2008 but I officially came back in 2018 and since then, thank God, everything has been great.


Did you ever think you would ever become a comedienne?

Well, I didn’t have the thought of following it up as a profession but it has always been part of me.


There was a time you said depression pushed you into comedy, what was it like then; how did it happen?

After the whole debt saga, I just felt like encouraging anyone who might have been in one depressing state or the other. That was how I started.

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Recap your first ever comedy performance, what was it like?

It was an amazing experience for me, I must say.


What is the biggest stage you have ever performed on as a comedienne?

The biggest stage for me is yet to come.


As a female comedian who is doing well in the comedy industry, do you ever see yourself as inferior?

The industry is large and wide, everyone is unique in their own way and are all doing well. However, I visit other comedians’ pages for motivation to do more.


How challenging is it being a female comedian? Do you experience any sexual harassment from fellow comedians or fans?

Well, being a female comedian is actually fun, coupled with the fact that I’m married. So, I do not experience any form of sexual harassment from fellow comedians and my fans.

How do you cope or manage your male admirers?

My male admirers know their limits.


What is the most embarrassing thing a fan or an admirer did to you?

My fans are quite entertaining, so I do not think they have done anything embarrassing to me.


Do you have plans to switch career, maybe to the movie industry later or have you started already?

I’ve already stared featuring in movies and it’s amazing. There’s no switching though, since it is the same industry.


Why do you think we do not have enough women doing great in the comedy industry, is it a ‘man business’?

I think women are stereotyped. The comedy industry is seen to be a man’s business, whereas it is the way the people see it. It is not only for the men, women also can do well in the comedy world.


What are your aspirations as a comedienne?

To be better than who I am today by tomorrow.


How profitable in the comedy career? Would you say comedy pays your bills?

I’ll actually say the comedy industry also has its ups and downs, but I am blessed to have a husband who is always there for me when I need him.


Like how much do you charge for a show?

What I charge varies; it depends on the show I will be performing at.


What is your biggest achievement as a comedienne?

Being the brand ‘Real Warri Pikin’ is my biggest achievement so far as a comedian


What is your biggest fear?

I do not have anything I can regard as my biggest fear.


Do you see the fact that you are endowed with huge hips as a blessing or an advantage to your career?

(Laughs) That’s actually funny anyway. Well, I see it as part of me, as I am no way special and no way less. I am me with or without the hips.


What is your advice career-wise for the upcoming ones?

I will advise them to focus on the things that are more important, take one day at a time don’t rush into anything, because if you rush, you will jump like monkey and your eye go turn like barber chair. Day way never break na em many pass.




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