My music career was shaped by the church —Williams

Fast-rising music star, Mudiaga Williams, otherwise known as Mudi, has been around the music industry and is currently making a name for himself. The Delta State-born singer, who started his career in music in the church, speaks about life, career and more in this interview with Segun Adebayo.  Experts:

For somebody who started his music career from the church, you must have had some music experiences that shaped your career. How was it like?

Yes, that’s right. Singing and rehearsing with the teenage choir then was the best experience for me. We rehearsed twice a week and that was like going to the studio to work for God. That’s where I found my sound and know I could sing.


 It is surprising that many people’s career would be sharpened in church but they would delve into secular music after a while. Why is this so?

It›s so because most musicians discover their musical talent from the church and also build it there, but due to the fact that the secular music pays more they tend to move to making the secular music.


You have been pushing your brand for sometime but you seem not to be getting it right yet. What has been the major draw-back for your trade?

Issues like the following has been the major setback:. No response to music demo. Low fans turnout. Low funds. Royalty collection company,  internet, copyright and royalty issues.


Tell us about the career and how you have managed to keep the game going till now?

By observing excellence and be excellent at my musical craft and by being careful who I take advice from. By forming a strong professional peer group as your sounding board also by understanding what the top revenue streams are in the music business. It is always hard to find one’s feet in a very saturated industry like this.


How are you going to find your voice?

Waiting for the right time so the world will know I understand my sound and also ready to introduce them to your sounds


For somebody who started music at the age of 14 and dropped his first single in 2016. What took you that long?

Well, my parents didn’t have interest in my musical career, as a teenager living with my parents, It has to be education fist before any other thing. I released my first single with the help of good friends who believe in me.


 What’s your take on how the industry is going now and the seeming beefing between rappers and music acts?

That’s what keeps the industry interesting and going. But to me I will love to be a peace ambassador.


What do you think would work for your career as you keep growing in the game?

I will start collaborating  and  play live as much as possible, and also keep learning and find a good mentor, go to a workshop or a masterclass.

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Would you go back to singing in the church again or it is over between you and church music?

I am a Christian and if that’s what God wants for me, I can’t reject it.


You have a new single now, Blessings, what brought about the song?

Surely greatness will only make you talk about being great and also I’m sure it’s very ok to name blessings and also look towards more.


How has it been pushing the song and what’s the acceptance like? 

It’s not easy, but I must say from the angle of my PR, it’s been so easy and well pushed and am happy with the response ‘am getting from the people. As this is my first single and the love is this much. I must say I am happy. But more still needs to be done. I won’t stay down until I stay up.


Coronavirus has forced many music acts to lie low and stay away from music, how has this affected your career?

I think this is the time to sell oneself more. As most fans and whole Nigerians are home and bored, this will be a good strategy to get known a little more or no time.


What›s next after Blessing? 

Another single before considering maybe a body of work (EP) Extended Play.


Your most memorable day as a musician? 

The response to my first single, Blessings overwhelmed my heart and has also brought me to life to want to keep going.



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