‘My husband ran away from home when I was sick, said he didn’t want to contract disease’

•She was still demanding for sex even on her sick bed —Husband

Oja Oba/Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, has ended the relationship between a couple, Adedoyin Ayidola and Ayodele Ayidola.

Adedoyin who dragged her husband to court accused him of irresponsibility, neglect and abandonment.

The plaintiff explained that the defendant failed to care for her and their three children.

She further said that he neglected her when she took ill and was admitted in the hospital.

According to Adedoyin, her husband ran away from home after she was discharged to avoid contacting her ailment.

The plaintiff stated that the defendant through his acts clearly showed he did not love her.

She thus entreated the court to put an end to their union and grant her custody of their three children, but make him responsible for their welfare.

Ayodele admitted to claim.

The defendant denied all that his wife said.

According to him, he took care of his wife to the best of his ability.

Ayodele explained that he didn’t run away from home but that he had an accident and was incapacitate for a period of time.

He told the court that his wife came to court because he rebuffed all her sexual advances.

Ayodele stated that he made her to understand that having sex in her weak condition was not good for her, but that she refused to understand.

“My lord, my husband is inhuman. He has no feeling for me and doesn’t care about our children’s welfare. He is indifferent to our needs.

“My husband neglected me when I took ill in 2017. He showed no concern towards my health which was daily deteriorating.

“He failed to check on me while I was on admission in the hospital and refused to be responsible for my medical bills.

“Ayodele ran away from home when I was discharged. According to him, he didn’t want to contract the sickness.

“He deserted me while I was recuperating. He left me to fend for our children despite my pathetic state.

“My lord, my husband has clearly shown he never loved me.

“I appeal to this court to end our wedlock and grant me custody of our three children.

“I beg the court to make him responsible for their welfare, “she said.

Ayodele in his evidence said, ”My lord, I agree that the court separate us.”

“Adedoyin lied against me. I took proper care of her when she was sick and spent through my nose.

“Although I was based in Ijebu Ode, I was always coming home to check on her and monitor her health.

“I was always giving her money anytime I came.

“I didn’t run away from home. I had an accident and was incapacitated for some time.

“My lord, my wife didn’t tell you the truth behind her coming to court.

“She was still demanding for sex despite the poor state of her health and I refused her. I explained to her it was not safe because she was too weak for such an exercise, “the defendant said.

Giving his judgment, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade dissolved their union and granted custody of their first and second children to the defendant and the third which is the last to the plaintiff.

The defendant was asked to give the plaintiff N5, 000 every month for their last child’s feeding.

He was also instructed to be responsible for his education and health care.


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