Muslim youth group advises Kwara govt on hijab controversy

MUSLIM youths in Kwara State under the aegis of Kwara Muslim Youths have urged the state government to take proactive steps to implement court judgments on the use of hijab in all educational institutions.

In a statement by the chairman and secretary of the organisation, Yahya Ishola and Muzammil Muhammad, the group said the government should take a definite position by referring to schools wholly funded with taxpayers’ money as “public” schools instead of “grant-aided” schools.

The organisation described the directive of the state government on the use of hijab in public schools as a step in the right direction.

Muslim and Christian stakeholders in the state had been involved in accusations and counter-accusations overuse of hijab in public or grant-aided schools in the state.

“How on earth would a school be regarded as ‘public’ and still be ‘grant-aided? This kind of confusion is what is creating a false sense of entitlement in the minds of some Christian stakeholders. It is rather sad and embarrassing that a victorious Kwara State government at the court of law is behaving like the vanquished,” the organisation said.

It advised the state government to see to it that no Muslim in the employ of the state government is victimised for a direct or indirect role in the build-up to “the crisis under reference.”

The group also called for the inclusion of Islamic scholars in the Ministry of Education to decide on the specific hijab approved by the government for female Muslim students.

“While we hope that the government would be alive to its responsibilities in maintaining peace and order as well as protection of lives and property, we shall never fail to do our all (within the ambit of the law) to protect, preserve and assert our Allah-given and constitutionally sanctioned rights to practise our religion,” it added.


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