Marital stock taking

This period of the year offers married couples the opportunity to examine their relationship with the view of knowing how well they fared during the year, and what ought to be done to fare better in the coming years, especially the year 2020 that is in view. This is essential if you desire to have a great marriage. This is what Intimate Talking Time (I.T.T) is all about

Couples should examine the following key ingredients, among others, of a great marriage, and see how well they have performed so far.



As we have read on this platform, communication remains a key ingredient of a great marriage. Couples should therefore have a look at this, in order to see what has been achieved so far, and what ought to be attended to in the years ahead, with effect from next year, 2020. If you have had a turbulent married life up to this year, communication between you and your spouse might just be where to start making amendments. How effective has your marital communication been in the outgoing year? I am sure that a close look at this aspect of your marriage may just be the magic wand you need to turn around your marriage for good.



I have discovered that sex in marriage is a serious issue of importance that can make or mar a marriage. No great marriage is achievable without sex. As a matter of fact, the issue most responded to on this platform is sex. Calls, SMS, mails, even request for my book, are awesome, after any write up about sex.

So, I recommend that all of us, married couples, should do an appraisal of our sex life, at the end of each year, apart from any other period during the year, to find out how much of great sex  we have enjoyed in the marriage. We need it to prevent sex induced problems in our marriages. This covers a lot in terms of extra marital affairs, sex starving, neighbourhood, near relatives, and proximity sex acts, or in the worst scenario; divorce. A lot of court cases involving married couples, are centred round sex issues.

A thorough examination of this aspect of your marriage may just turn out to be “a stitch in time that saves nine”.



An appraisal in this regard is also essential at this period of the year, in order to make better plan for year 2020. A lot of stress could be taken off the marriage if adequate finance is available. Like one lady said, a hungry couple can never enjoy great sex in the marriage. Where will the couple get the stamina and motivation from? Such hunger stricken couples will only get minimum, let me rest sex, in their marriage. Or when you talk of weekend getaway, how many can be made possible without finance? Ordinary film date is already a serious issue for many couples these days. Many have to count the cost of such, before venturing into it.

So, let married couples sit down to discuss how to realistically better their financial lot in the coming year. Finance should be properly planned for if a great marriage is in view in the year ahead.

The crux of the matter I am drawing our attention to here is the need to critically examine every ingredient that makes for a great marriage, and see what improvement should be made. As someone often states, the only room that is always not filled, is for improvement. That is, there will always be something to add in order to make life better. No matter how well you feel you have fared, there is always room for improvement. Even, if you don’t have serious marital concerns, an appraisal is still important to avoid future issues of concern. You will lose nothing, and gain much by having an appraisal of your marriage at this period of the year. Such an appraisal should normally end in a great sex moment to end the year, and usher in the new year.  A trial will convince you. Wishing you a Merry Xmas in arrears, and a prosperous new year in advance.



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