Lagos takes urban regeneration project to Ikeja GRA

Lagos State Government has promised to address the various environmental and infrastructural challenges leading to the collapse of the road network within the Ikeja GRA with the on-going urban regeneration project.

This was the position of the Special Adviser on Works and Infrastructure, Engr. Aramide Adeyoye, during an inspection of on-going works on a network of 4 roads, comprising Oduduwa way, Oduduwa crescent, Oba Dosunmu and Sobo Arobiodu streets.

“Ikeja GRA was designate to have urban regeneration, for now we are working on Oduduwa way, Oduduwa crescent, Oba Dosunmu and SoboArobiodu,  so that is why we’re here today, the roads is a network of 4 roads totaling about 5 kilometres by the time you add the four together, we are here to see the progress of work and address some of the issues along with the residents,” she said

According to her, the highbrow area used to be exclusively residential and one of the cleanest and most orderly neighborhood in Lagos State.

However, she said that the growth of many commercial concerns ranging from entertainment outlets to restaurants, bars and lounges, fancy hotels and suites, supermarkets and mini-marts, financial institutions and other private ventures, has turned Ikeja GRA into a sprawling commercial centre.

Adeyoye added that the phenomenal increase in activities within Ikeja GRA over the time, has led to various environmental and infrastructural challenges among which is flooding that threatens the multi billion naira prime properties in the GRA, as many of the streets lack proper drainages and water channels thereby impeding the flow of traffic, extending travel hours, causing damages to vehicles and low patronage for businesses.

The special adviser said in order to address and reverse flooding and infrastructural challenges, the administration of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, in year 2020, awarded the reconstruction and upgrading of Oduduwa Way, Oduduwa Crescent, Oba Dosumu and Sobo Arobiodu Streets, four strategic roads in Ikeja GRA.

The special adviser who said the ministry is working in conjunction with the Office of Drainage Services to address the flooding and infrastructural challenges, adding that upon completion of the on-going regeneration works and upgrading of the roads in Ikeja GRA, it would ensure improved drainage network, provide an effective drainage system, address the problem of perennial flooding and provide good connectivity with other roads in the vicinity.

“As I have always said, a road without a drain is as good as no road, because without the drain being done; in no time the road will get damaged.  But when we get all channels fixed, then the life of the road will be automatically extended. We have a major cross culvert discharging water to Adekunle Fajuyi which is causing flooding and residents are not happy and we need to engage them, just to assure them that the water is discharging to the canal and make sure we get it right, this is one engagement that we do in synergy between us and the office of the drainage services, “Adeyoye said

Adeyoye also noted that the construction and upgrading of Oduduwa Way, Oduduwa Crescent, Oba Dosumu and Sobo Arobiodu Streets was conceived under Ikeja Model City Plan to recognise change in density, introduction of commercial and mix-development along certain road alignments, drive urban regeneration and public infrastructure improvement programme that will accelerate socio-economic development of the state.

Speaking on whether the project will be completed as scheduled the special adviser said that Oduduwa Way is at 80 per cent completion stage and is set for delivery by the end of August 2021.


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