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Students have been on holidays in the past few of weeks and by Monday, would resume for another term. The holiday being a free period, afforded them opportunity to engage in various activities. Some children shared with Aunty Yemi what interested them most among others during the holiday.

Elijah Iyanda

During the holiday, I was at home with my mummy and my sister. Every morning, I did my house chores and got ready for the day. I read my books and Bible. What made me glad most is that I had nice time with family and friends. I enjoyed the holiday.


Temiloluwa Ejigbile

During the Easter celebration, I went my grandpa’s place where I won a dance competition. My uncle gave me a prize of N 2,000 and I have kept it. The competition was very interesting and I was very happy that I received a gift.


Ewaoluwa Olalekan

An interesting part of my holiday is the opportunity I have to relate/ play well with my siblings. My family also had a baby. I am happy.


Deborah Olosunde

The most interesting part of the holiday is my visit to my grandpa’s cocoa and kolanut plantation which I have been longing to see unlike the ones drawn in my textbooks. When I told my grandpa that I would like to follow him to his farm, he resisted at first but later agreed. I went in company with my uncles and cousins which made my visit very interesting. I saw and touched the crops while my uncle climbed kolanut tree. I got to know while on the farm that yam is not plucked rather uprooted from the ground. I also saw orange tree, yam, cocoyam plantation, etc. There is a stream in my grandpa’s farm where I swam before we left the farm. My cousins also caught fish from the stream. All I saw made me believe the poem that says “ise agbe ni ise ile wa…” During my stay in my village, we always ate fresh fruits and vegetables and I also found it interesting that there was regular power supply in my village power so at evenings I watched variety channel through Communication Cable.


Daniel Iyanda

I had time to read my Bible, did house chores and attended lessons for a period of time during the holiday. During the weekends, I had enough time to visit relatives and also played with my siblings and friends. It was always a nice time.


David Olosunde

Holiday time has always been a memorable period for me whenever we have it. I always look forward to it because it is a stress-free, relaxation and enjoyment period for me. I have travelled to many places during holidays but the one I enjoyed most was my journey  to Osogbo, Osun State. From our house in Ibadan till we got to Osogbo, was full of fun, different  scenes and many  road-side attractions. Mummy bought different types of fruit on our way.  On getting to Osogbo, our big mummy  pampered us so much, she provided whatever we desired to eat. Also, we visited  different eateries and some water-falls to see the beauty of nature.  Playing with our friends, games of any kind like Ludo, whot, scrabble etc coupled with watching of different  television programmes at will were all allowed. The most interesting part of my holiday period was the opportunity for my personal quiet time. This has really helped my devotional and prayer life. With all these mentioned above, my holiday was full of enjoyment which I wished never come to an end.


Idowu Mobaoluwarin

Some of the things that interested me during the holiday is that I had time to play more with my friends and have fun.

I also go to school sometimes to prepare for a Spelling Bee Competition coming up very soon.

I also have time to write anything that comes to mind.


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