It’s only prayer that can defeat coronavirus —Odili

Assistant Pastor, Christ Apostolic Church (CAC), Amazing Grace Chapel, Akure, Ondo State, Pastor Ifeanyi Odili, has affirmed that it is through prayers that the entire world can defeat the ravaging coronavirus pandemic that has left several thousands dead and millions receiving treatment globally.

The cleric said this while speaking with the Tribune Church News, pointing out that this became imperative as revealed to him, that a fallen angel from heaven was the one spreading deaths all over the world and the only thing that can curb the pandemic was prayer.

According to him, force cannot work, except prayers to God who can provide the solution. He added that America had revealed that it could not curb the pandemic in spite of its strength as a country, while  Italy equally said it was looking up to the same God for a solution.

“So I earnestly believe it is only prayer that can defeat this coronavirus pandemic because what I am seeing now is that there is a fallen angel that brought this thing to this world; yes a fallen angel from heaven that is spreading death all over the world and the only thing that can curb it is prayer.

“Force cannot work, America said their power could not curb it anymore, and Italy said, ‘well, we are looking up to the sky’, that means they have surrendered; meaning they have no power on their own (to curb the pandemic). That means the only being that can solve it is God Almighty,” he added.

The cleric, therefore, charged the government to allow people to continue to congregate in churches and mosques to seek the face of God at this critical moment, saying it was not right to order churches and mosques closed as such a single action was enough for God to be angry with the country, and with the whole world.

“Why I said so is because it happened in the Bible when the children of Israel were grumbling and God told Moses ‘not to worry, I will deal with these people,’ and he commanded snakes to start biting them, and it happened that way. And the children of Israel now realised that they’ve sinned; they started pleading with Moses to talk to God and God said, ‘okay, I will forgive them.’

“Then God commanded him to get a staff and also mold a snake on it and that whoever is bitten by a snake, he or she should look up at the staff and would be healed. So, whoever is interested in looking up to Christ for healing must be allowed and we should allow people to go to church and pray; it is only prayer that can bring the solution. This is because if one is coming under any attack, it is the church that such a person would run to for salvation. We cannot fight this ongoing battle without fervent prayers,” he said.

“Since the world was created, there has never been a time churches and mosques were ordered closed as a result of war. Whatever the situation may be, we always have genuine or counterfeit churches and mosques, but there will always be some that are truly calling on the name of God, especially among the real CAC members, the Catholics, and other notable churches.

“As it is today, it’s like someone having a problem and he is telling God to leave him alone to solve his problem alone because he doesn’t need God. Shutting the gates of churches against people is a direct invitation of God’s anger,” he stated.


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