He deprives me of sex, puts out the light, smuggles women into his room —Wife

•My wife threatens to set my house on fire, refuses to cook for me, man tells court

A middle-aged man, Waheed Owolabi, has dragged his wife, Sakirat Owolabi, whom he got married to five months ago before Oja Oba/Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Waheed, in his suit, stated that his wife was always fighting him as a result of her troublesome nature. He added in his claims that she is destructive and almost set his house on fire.

Sakirat, who although didn’t agree to divorce, stated that Waheed aside beating her, starved her of food and sex. She added that he was in the habit of smuggling women into his room at night while he totally abandoned her.

The court president, Chief Ademola Odunade, after listening to the couple, stated that their relationship had broken down irrevocably and therefore dissolved it.

The plaintiff was asked to pay the defendant the sum of N12, 000 through the court as one year rent for a new apartment. He was also instructed to pay an additional N3, 000 to pack her belongings from his house.

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Waheed stated before the court:”My lord, when I met Sakirat, she never discussed with me the children she had for her first husband.

“We courted for just one month and she moved in with me. If I had known that her plan was to bring her four children along when she moved into my place, I wouldn’t have married her.

“She and her children started behaving like a nuisance immediately they moved into my house and made life difficult for me.

“Sakirat is troublesome and difficult to please. She seeks every opportunity to fight me.

“She has succeeded in causing me public embarrassment as a result of her regular fight. She will follow me into the street, shouting and rough-handling my clothe thereby attracting attention of passers-by and the neighbourhood.

“I ensure there’s food in the house but she refuses to cook my meals. I was the one cooking my food throughout the one month that the Ramadan fast lasted.  I would wake up at dawn to prepare my food and do same also in the evening.

“She neglected me while she and her children feasted on the foodstuff I bought.

“I got angry and decided I could no longer feed her and her four children since they are not mine. I, therefore, asked every one of them to leave my house.

“She got mad at me and almost set my house ablaze.

“My lord, my life is no longer safe with Sakirat. She and her children can take my life any time if I don’t act fast, which is my reason for dragging her to court.

Reacting to the allegations, Sakirat told the court: “My husband is a liar. But despite lying against me to get the court’s favour, I hereby state that I don’t agree to divorce.

“He promised me heaven and earth when we met, but he fulfilled none of these promises after we got married.

“He started showing disinterest in me and maltreats me. He starves me of food. When I complain, he will pounce on me and beat me to a pulp. In addition to this is his habit of raining curses on me day and night.

“He is a womaniser and is in the habit of bringing home different women. Again, when I showed my displeasure against this, he ordered me to move out of his room to the boys’ quarter.

“He stopped having sex with me and will bring in strange women to share his bed every night. He will switch off all the electric bulbs in the main house and smuggle in his concubine. He will also do the same when she’s leaving in the early hours of the day.

She added: “He learnt that I wanted to hold one of my children’s wedding ceremony in his house and he stood against it. He asked me to move out of his house and threatened to drag me to court if I refused.

“I appealed to him to let me hold the ceremony in his house and also give me another two months  after the ceremony to look for another accommodation  after which I would move out but he refused.

“My lord, he owes me N25, 000. I lent him the money but he has refused to make a refund. I pray this honourable court to help me retrieve it from him.”