IBDTC: Capricorn Concierge inducts Eyinni High School students

THE city of the first, Ibadan is getting more domestic tourism efforts from the drivers of the industry.

The management of Capricorn Concierge Tourism Services Limited has continued to champion innovative ways to responsible tourism; a culture among the young at heart to build a future that will drive Oyo State’s economy.

Part of this effort is the introduction of a new normal tourism promotion bid with a human face when Capricorn Concierge Tourism Services Limited not only launched the Ibadan Domestic Tourism Club (IBDTC) but also backed it up with an instant tour of Ibadan history sites through a virtual gadget that gives one a panoramic view of this city from one of the highest points in Ibadan called Captain Ross Bower Tower in Oke-Are.

The first was in February with Bishop Philliph Academy, Ibadan taking the lead then subsequently  other public schools taking turn and the most recent is the Eyini secondary school where over 250 students got inducted into the IBDTC and also took a memorable virtual tour of the historic sites of Ibadan.

Students of Eyinni high school inducted into Ibadan domestic Tourism Club, recently.

The tourism bid for the Eyinni student was a deliberate effort by the old students to not only support the school in physical development but also in innovative capacity building and future career and job openings through tourism education.

The event which is not only a talk show, also featured an interactive brainstorming session with the students who showed a highly incentive driven knowledged of tourism. Some of the students won different categories of gifts including cash for their smart responses and knowledge of some activities which they have engaged in the past with touristic values.

Speaking at the interactive and highly educative session, the Chief Executive Officer of the Capricorn Concierge Tourism Limited and founder of the IBDTC, Mr Ibitayo Araoye, who is an international tourism consultant and domestic tourism specialist said the aim of the orientation is not only to put tourism in perspective but also to leave a memory in the mind of the students, a kind that will continue to grow from the moment they leave the hall and start seeing activities and other things they’ve been taught during the course of the brainstorming session.

“Nigeria is rich and Ibadan in Oyo State is richer when you talk of tourism potentialities, and this is the driving force that inspired us to introduce the IBDTC so that we can create a tourism sensitive cluster in school across the state, starting with the capital, Ibadan.

The awareness is spreading and we are getting remarkable feedback from the inductees school as well as others who have heard about the free tourism educative programme we are giving to the young lads we see as the future of tourism promotion that will take this little of ours to a more enviable leave.

In his remarks, the representative of the NTDC in Ibadan, Mr Femi Macauley, who also doubles as an alumni of Eyinni High School, Ibadan alongside other members of alumni at the event, thanked the organisers of the event for giving their alma matter relevance in the digital space to experience and also be part of the future through the virtual tour of Ibadan as well as listing the student of Eyinni High School as one of the few inductees into the IBDTC.

“What we have done today is the beginning of better things to come and we will continue to bring newer opportunities for the students of this school through our connection and engagement with people we meet in the course of our exposures.

The Principal of the school, Pastor Ogunfemi Abiodun, who was happy for the unique opportunity granted the students to enjoy free digital exposure at a time when COVID-19 has changed the way of life globally, encouraged the students not to toy with the information received from the domestic tourism session, but use every piece of information as a step to the next level in life.

Abiodun, also thanked the organisers of the event for giving Eyinni High School the opportunity of being part of history, calling other 1983 set of old students that made the event possible to continue to give the school relevance through more physical development.


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