I need a white sperm donor

I am a spinster who desires to have a mixed blood (Mullatto) child. In view of this, I will appreciate it if you can help me arrange for an anonymous white sperm donor. I need a genuine, good looking donor with no health issues. I can also consider a sperm donor of Indian extraction if I cannot get a white sperm donor.

Salome (by SMS)

NEC approves N100bn for implementation of NLTP as Osinbajo presides

While sperm banks exist in some of our Teaching Hospitals and Fertility Clinics to assist people with infertility problems, special arrangements such as yours is new to me and may stretch the boundaries of medical ethics and social realism. For example, how will you explain the paternity of a child of mixed race extraction to your family and even to the child in future? This is a very interesting request that may need a serious rethink.

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