Her Majesty: I am telling ‘my truth’ with reality show — Busiswa

Busiswa Gqulu popularly known as Busiswa or Busi, a South African singer songwriter, poet and content creator, has expressed her thoughts regarding African music and ways to get more recognition internationally. She also shared insights on her new reality show, ‘Her Majesty’, currently screening on BET Africa.

The  artiste, who describes herself as an all-round entertainer, said she believes in the simplicity of music and does not really agree that African artistes are making music, relying of beats with weak lyrics.

“I do not completely agree that we are relying on catchy beats over lyrical content. It is about simplifying the music; it is not about the beats alone. When you can just do maybe one or two words and have impact, then it is okay.

Busiswa, who also has a new reality show, in her exclusive chat  with Friday Treat stated that the show is about the truths in her life.

She said, “Her Majesty’ is me sharing my truth, over the years, I have been reluctant to share too much of myself, But I have learnt that it’s more important to own my story, and I am willing to let my fans into the next level that is my private and spiritual life.

“Her Majesty is a 13-part TV series that serves as a visual companion to my musical journey – a celebration of my authenticity while capturing my journey in creating a visual album. It also includes intimate insights into my family life and my new album.  I am grateful to BET for the opportunity to tell my story on such a powerful platform. I have always been guarded about my private life and journey, but I felt it was time to let my fans in on who I am as a person, an artiste, a mum and show parts of me that even the media isn’t privy to and BET Africa has provided a platform that I trust to help deliver just that.

“BET Africa’s impact can be felt across the continent, it definitely goes beyond temporary collaborations but the permanent ties they have been able to establish with artistes such like myself which in turn gives us a safe and creative space to thrive. Also, BET Africa empowers female entertainers such as Moonchild, Boity, Mbau and myself, thereby encouraging artistes’ expression, black storytelling”.

She believes that entertainers like her and people of influence including show makers, media promoters can use several platforms to create shows that can match international standards such as the Grammys.

Busiswa said, “We, as Africans, need to create our platform that can rival the Grammys so that we can operate on many more categories and sub genres to compete favourably.  It’s still a challenge having our songs compete alongside other world artistes except, for instance, the best global music category which is just one of so many. We must look inward too.  Same with our movies and culture, we don’t need to wait for Hollywood or the world  to tell our stories for us.

“We realise that the Hollywood is a big platform but can we do us in a more prestigious manner too. Having Africans winning the Grammys is a good start. There is no point in fame if there is no intention. It is time for Africa and Africans to take the spotlight,” she said.


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